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Dec 3, 2012 08:56 AM

A Really Nice Interview with Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa... which we get a sense of what she loves about cooking and writing about it, and more.

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  1. I love her. I know many on this site find her snobby, pretentious, etc but her cook books are ones I go to time and time again. I enjoy her show and wish my husband was half as appreciative as hers, LOL!

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    1. re: foodieX2

      I had the pleasure of meeting her a few weeks ago when she was in town for her book signing. What a classy woman. I too use her cookbooks over and over. Her recipes actually work because Ina has taken the time to carefully test each one before she publishes it. It's during this time of the year when her Hot Chocolate becomes a staple in our home.

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        I love her too. I do think she can be snobby and pretentious and I still adore her!

        I also go to her recipes over and over again, always with great results.

      2. Great interview, thanks for sharing it.

        I wish my bf was appreciative like Jeffrey too! Just about every time he likes something, which is most of the time, I get, "it's good". LOL

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        1. Do you honestly believe that she only has one oven! With all her money and all the cooking she does that sounds totally crazy to me.

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          1. re: Mother of four

            What sounds crazy to me is that she would lie about it when the lie would surely be quickly found out.

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              Her show is filmed at her house. Older episodes were in her actual kitchen, newer episodes are filmed in her "barn". It appears that in her newer barn, there are two ovens as part of her range: but I don't recall ever seeing double wall ovens or anything like that. I believe I read another article that they only use the barn for large parties and for filming the television show. In her actual house kitchen it does appear to only have one oven.

              Older kitchen:

              Newer kitchen:

                1. re: Mother of four

                  In her new cookbook, Foolproof, she talks about how they did some remodeling and she replaced her range. Her old one was a 48 inch with 2 large ovens. The new one they put in had one large and one small oven. She didn't realize until she went to use it that she couldn't fit a 1/2 sheet pan in the smaller oven. So she said she now has one oven she can cook in and one where she can heat plates. She also said it forced her to adjust her cooking so that she is now cooking one thing in the oven and the others on the stove, or choosing dishes where everything doesn't need to be in the oven at the same time.

                2. Ina has a great laugh, wonderful wit, charm and knows how to stay calm during a party. What's not to like about that?

                  1. Darn, that just makes me want to buy her new book! Seriously, though, she sounds lovely.