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Maine Shrimp Season in Jeopardy?

Greetings all -

FYI, article from Boston Globe 12/2/12.


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  1. Too bad.. I'll miss those tasty little things. Hopefully its a few years in recovery, rather than a species collapse..

    1. Not much talk yet this year. I'm seeing them at Market Basket. Any good preps this year?

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        Looks like a 75% cut this year, another blow to the local fishermen in another tough season, but enjoy them when you can get them.

      2. I spotted some yesterday at MB in Nashua. They didn't look prime, so got steak instead. I'll be trying Taylor Seafood in ME later this week. Wish me (and the fishery) luck!

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            Yep, you are right BZ. I asked today and the shrimp available now are last year's, thawed to sell to the impatient. They said they are good, but certainly not as good a waiting 'till the end of January.

          2. The trawl fishery will begin on Jan 23, 2013, with two landing days (Monday and Wednesday) and no trip limit. The trap fishery will begin on February 5, 2013, with six landing days (every day but Sunday) and an 800 lb trip limit. http://www.maine.gov/dmr/rm/shrimp/se...

            1. Has anyone seen them in Boston yet?

              1. I was at New Deal in Cambridge yesterday and they didn't have any. I wonder if the boats went out in this cold. The 23rd opened the Trawlers not the traps.


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                    Messina over at Uni tweeted they have started using maine shrimp.

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                      Because of the extreme cold the little guys have been freezing as soon as they leave the water. Given the delicate nature of their flesh this has let to really low quality of the current catch. Many local vendors are staying away. With the temps looking to increase the week, everyone hopes that the quality will improved. It is possible in the upcoming week that the quota for the year will be nearly reached. Eat 'em if you see them. They won't be around for long.

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                        That totally makes sense about the cold...

                  2. Greetings All!

                    Haven't seen any 2013 Maine Shrimp in markets yet this year, but looking for some help....
                    Any idea where to find, esp. West of Boston? Cambridge a bit of a hike for us.

                    Know that we're dealing with a greatly shortened fishing parameter this year, but we'd love just a single feed to satiate.



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                      I bought some at whole foods; try Tuesdays and Thursdays as fishing is limited to Mondays and Wednesdays according to Frank at New Deal.

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                        Which Whole Foods? I haven't seen them at either store yet in Newton.

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                        Quarterdeck in Maynard has had them recently. We had some last week that were great. Head on, $6.99/lb.

                      3. How long do you poach these little shrimp?

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                        1. New Deal is Cambridge has some and expects to get some in tomorrow as well. I think they are $5/lb w/heads on.