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Dec 3, 2012 08:02 AM

Osteria Momma or Testoni

Looking for N Y style Italian. I have been told Osteria Mamma on Melrose and Testoni on Beverly Blvd are great. Looking for a non fussy, easy, reasonable restaurant that doesnt take itself too seriously - more old school Italian. Other suggestions would be appreciated. Love Colori Kitchen but I am in S M and it's downtown.
Valentinoi is what I am NOT looking for!

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    1. just had a great meal at gusto. i'd recommend that place over momma or terroni.

      small menu, small place. but the food there is very good.

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        another one for gusto over mamma (not a fan), terroni (fan, but.. less intimate). none are truly "old school" in the NYC sense.

      2. Does NY-style Italian exist in LA? Genuine question.

        For non-fussy and relatively close to Santa Monica (I assume that's what "SM" stands for), I like La Bottega on Santa Monica. It's not red-sauce (although the Linguine Bottega comes close) and cheese-laden, but it's definitely non-fussy (it's in the deli itself) and fairly reasonably priced. I think Colori Kitchen tastes better, but this is obviously way closer....

        1. I had not heard of Gusto. i will try it. I live close to La Bottega. I want to love it and it's fine but certainly not great although their Minestrone soup is excellent.

          1. I'm a big fan of Mamma. The Burrata Felice, Crostini di Burrata, Bigoli Neri, Reginette della Mamma, and their baked desserts are often cravings of mine. I enjoyed about half of the dishes ordered on my one visit to Gusto, but Mamma always satisfies from top to bottom.