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Dec 3, 2012 07:59 AM

DC - New Year's Eve

Visiting the area for New Year's Eve and looking for a restaurant that might be serving an a la carte menu and not a prefix. If prefix, nothing over $125.00 per person. Looking for something trendy, fun, mid 30's - 40's crowd. Looking for Steaks, Seafood, Contemporary, Italian, etc...

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  1. I have a couple of reservations for NYE and awaiting final decision from the wife. Rogue24 might fit your criteria. Maybe i'll see you there.

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    1. re: shake N baik

      We are going to Fiola for an earlier dinner, then we are going to find a nice bar/lounge to bring in the New Year!

      1. re: BRI328

        hoping to get a seat the bar at Bibiana after dinner, but being a small area, not sure if it will work...

    2. i don't know about the menus but the type of place you are describing sounds like Proof or Central. You can look on opentable and see what they are serving...

      1. I just saw the pre-fixe New Years Eve menu ($95/person with an additional $60 wine pairing option) at Mintwood Place and it looks great. It is 8 courses and includes such treats as Medallion of butter-poached lobster thermidor, lightly smoked Jerusalem artichoke and bay scallop chowder with caviar, and baked Alaska for dessert.

        The vibe is a fun, laid-back neighborhood bistro. The crowd is pretty diverse, definitely trendy and fun.

        Other places to consider would be Central, Jaleo, or Bibiana.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          The NYE menu at Mintwood Place looks great. Except it seems to be a departure from their normal style of cooking.

          1. re: shake N baik

            Not completly...I think it's just a more jazzed up version. It is New Years after all---people are expecting more. They have an unbelievable chef there who can do no wrong in my book.