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Dec 3, 2012 07:29 AM

Austin for one night

My friend and her husband are coming into town for a visit. We live in Fort Worth but are going to Austin for a kid free weekend, our first since 2006. We would like a nice dinner at a amazing restaurant. We don't want the price to be outrageous but not cheap. We are all not picky, just no BBQ. Also where is a place for mid 30's to ho have a few drinks. Thank you.

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  1. make reservations at least a week or two out for Uchiko and you'll thank all of us that insisted. bon appetit !! search this board for the recommended dishes, although there's not a mediocre one there. even the fried chicken is wonderful and a nice filling way to go for splitting many other dishes too and leaving sated.

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      I concur. Uchiko is where you should be.

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        Is Uchiko still up to snuff even though Paul Qui is no longer chef there?

    2. Definitely. You won't be disappointed.