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Dec 3, 2012 07:28 AM

Need German Christmas Cocktail Party Menu Ideas

My family has a tradition of having a Christmas Eve cocktail party with a country/region as our theme. We have had very successful Spanish Tapas and French hors d'oeuvre parties. This year the theme country is Germany (which I am stretching to include Alsace and Austria!). So far we have the following menu ideas but I would truly welcome any ideas for items that could be made into single size/appetizer portions.

-Sauerbraten dumplings (sauerbraten and a little red cabbage packaged in soup dumplings)
-Bite size "real" mini hot dogs using puff pastry and good wursts
-Alsatian mini flatbreads with emmentaler, caramelized onions and lardons
-Schnitzel sliders
-Chestnut soup served in little shot sized glasses
-Spinach and warm potato salad

Thanks so much for any ideas you might have!

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  1. obatzda
    meat platter with Tyrolian-style Speck, Westphalian ham
    cocktail-sized soft pretzels

    1. German pumpernickel cut into bite sized squares, topped with a bit of smoked salmon and sour cream/horseradish sauce. Or caviar. Plus dill if you like. I'm a big herring fan but those are trickier to eat w/o a plate unless you roll them up or use to top little potatoes.

      1. Thanks to both of you. Very good ideas!

        1. Mini-frikadellen (little meat patties) with spicy mustard
          Mini baked potatoes with herb quark and linseed oil
          Bacon-wrapped plums
          Smoked trout or trout mousse on pumpernickel 'coins'

          1. along with porky bits, herring and smoked and cured fish are big deals in this part of the world. Also potato and mushroom dishes, and composed salads with vegetables, beets, smoked and cured fish. Lots of possibilties in those categories for appetizer or small plates portions.

            I also highly recommend hot mulled wine - glogg or punch - at this season, very popular in the baltic region as well and very enjoyed at our christas season parties