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Dec 3, 2012 07:26 AM

Best Lunch Options in Savannah

My boyfriend and I will be in Savannah for a wedding this coming weekend and have planned an extra day so he can see the city. I haven't been in years and we are looking for a good restaurant for lunch. We are staying in the Historic District but don't want to feel limited to restaurants in that area.

We are both really adventerous eaters and I've also lived in South Carolina so I have a love of low-country food. Unfortunately, most of the recommendations I've seen on this thread are for amazing restaurants that just do dinner service. Any tips?

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    1. re: kengk

      Thanks-it's on my short list! Definitely open to brunch spots as well.

      1. re: lovesCheese

        Maybe Huey's for brunch, or lunch either for that matter. Used to be pretty good but I haven't eaten there in years. Check out some more recent reviews of it.

        1. re: kengk

          I will be visiting Savannah in December. I have Crystal Beer Parlor on the list as well. They said the Crystal wings rock. I will be interested to hear your feedback. A friend of mine recommended Huey's, but the reviews on Yelp are horrible! He also said to check out Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House as they are only open for lunch. I have never been, so I am interested in receiving the feedback. Let us know what you decide.

    2. B. Matthews is another idea for brunch. We really don't eat breakfast out very much because I don't like eggs.

      Don't use Yelp that much but was curious about travelinggirl's comment about Huey's; Is 3.5 stars out of five horrible?

      I'm sure not trying to talk Huey's up; if I had to go to lunch 5 days straight in Savannah I doubt I would venture there. It just came to mind because of the suggestion for a brunch place.

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      1. re: kengk

        Hi kengk: 3.5 out of 5 isn't terrible, but I like to read what the people write to try to find a consistent theme. I am going skip Huey's this time, so many others to choose from.

        1. re: travelinggirl

          I agree with travelinggirl. I like to read the good and bad reviews and if the overall rating is mediocre, there tends to be a theme. We will not have a car for the weekend-is Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House easy to get to?

          1. re: lovesCheese

            If the weather is nice it would be a pretty half mile walk, around and through the squares, from the river.

            1. re: kengk

              Follow the lines (that can extend down the block) to Mrs. Wilkes. It's a unique Savannah experience that should not be missed. Try to get there early...worth the wait. Great range of Southern dishes. Just plan on a nap afterwards.

      2. Well, where did you go and how was it?

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        1. re: kengk

          While in Savannah, we took the recommendations for Crystal Beer Parlor and Huey's on the River.

          Crystal Beer Parlor was a fun pub type atmosphere. We were quoted a 45 minute wait time, so we decided to eat at the bar. With a few douses of Tabasco the crab dip was delicious. It is served warm with large wonton crisps. They were chinsy with the horseradish sauce that accompanied the fried green tomatoes. We only had apps since we didn't have much time. The service was very sterile. The bartenders were more concerned about washing glassware than providing attention to the customers seated at the bar. Besides the lack of service, I would go back.

          We stopped in Huey's for a late lunch/drink ---- the beignets are amazing, as touted in the reviews. I had the Gumbo and it was delicious. My mom had the French Onion soup and loved it. The service was slow and she was "out of it" as the bartender old us multiple times. It was a neat little place on the River. Definitely has a New Orleans feel.

          700 Drayton (side review). AMAZING AMAZING breakfast. The service was spot on and the food was awesome. They told us restaurant used to be a funeral home, but I didn't know if they meant the hotel or restaurant.

          Even tho I didn't post originally, I enjoyed reading your recommendations and checking out some of the local places. Thank you! I love, love, Savannah!!!!!