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Dec 3, 2012 07:18 AM

Singapore - South Indian Breakfast at Sri Kamala Vilas

Sri Kamala Vilas is a very special restaurant for me - introduced to me by Tamil friends back in the 1980s, way before I subsequently "discovered" Komala Vilas and Madras New Woodlands - Sri Kamala Vilas was my go-to place for a South Indian meal: whether for breakfast lunch or dinner for the longest time.

Breakfast this morning:
- Upuma, fantastically tasty version here - served simply with a watery dhal and coconut chutney. It sure hit the spot.
- Paper thosai (dosa), also with the same condiments. The deceptively basic dhal really packed a punch tastewise. The thosai has a nice crunch.
- Teh tarik - hot frothy milk tea, hyper-sweet the way South Indians like it.

It's good to be "home" :-)

Address details
Sri Kamala Vilas
Block 662 Buffalo Rd, #01-16
(near Tekka Market)
Tel: +65 6291 1164

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  1. How does it compare with Komala Vilas? I've passed this place a few times but didn't think of going in. Any special dishes that they do well?

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      Komala Vilas would be in a different league altogether, Martha. What l liked about Sri Kamala Vilas was its sense of homeliness and, for me, more than a tinge of nostalgia. But Komala Vilas has, far & away, a better spread and much finer quality produce.