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Dec 3, 2012 06:53 AM

London's Best Christmas Produce

Am new to London and looking to discover London's best Christmas produce for Christmas dinners/lunches. I'm particularly keen on getting a decent ham that won't require much effort to glaze (preferably something smaller than a leg) and a turkey of a manageable size. Any tips?

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  1. Not just London, but Waitrose throughout the country would be a good bet.

    We've bought their free-range turkey and gammon for a year or so now and been quite happy. With regard to the turkey, they have a number of options for pre-order for Bronze turkeys but, truth be told, I can't justify that price to myslef, so we opt for the bog standard free-range. For the gammon, they had smoked and unsmoked in a range of sizes last week.

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      Forgot to mention that the gammon is also free range piggy