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Dec 3, 2012 06:49 AM

Name and location of the old Henan Flavor

I am confused. Henan Flavor closed (due, I understand, to family squabbles) and re-opened with a slightly altered name on Allen St. Did the move back to Forsythe St.? And what is the curren name?
Thanks for the help. I love this place but haven't been since the relocation/ change of name.

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  1. i think its called spicy village, its in the same location and i believe its exactly the same just they changed the name

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      1. re: swannee

        yah its def still there, i live like a 5-10 min walk north of there so i pass by it all the time and its still going

          1. re: swannee

            hmm not sure, probably though


      Same place as they've always been and same people...just go there and you'll see.