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Dec 3, 2012 06:48 AM

Taiwan bound...

hello -

May be in Taipei and HsinChu in a few weeks. What is going ont here food wise? I lived there 20+ years ago and recall it fondly.

Looking for some great dinners in either taipei or HsinChu.

Last time we were there, People's was the best around.

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  1. This blogger's tastes don't align with mine, but it's well-organized and should give you some ideas:

    Did you enjoy People's? How long ago was that? Do you want something like that again?

    Hsinchu is famous for their mifen (rice vermicelli) and I think they have some festival that celebrates that (but I seem to recall that that is in the summer). I'd look for places that do dishes with mifen.

    Good luck on your trip and please post back!