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Dec 3, 2012 05:48 AM

Good produce selection in Indian Rocks Beach?

Have liked Guppy's and Salt Rock so far, but we can't eat out all the time.

We shopped at Publix but found the produce section a little lacking. Is there any other store nearby that has good produce?

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  1. Too early for the green markets to open in Largo and other adjacent towns but there are produce stands that are around, just not on the beach.

    I would say Publix has the best produce of the basic supermarket chains but that's not saying much.

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      "I would say Publix has the best produce of the basic supermarket chains but that's not saying much."


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        Try Graham's Produce on 54th Ave North - it's probably 20 minutes away from IRB and definitely worth the trip

    2. Head south on Gulf Blvd. to the Park Blvd, bridge, go over the ridge and within the next mile or so is a fairly large produce stand on the right. Haven't been in a while but they used to have a nice selection and it is close. Enjoy your stay :)

      1. Thanks everyone.

        Just had a pre-lunch Lighthouse donut. Boy, are they ever good!!

        And dining at Villa Gallace tonight......

        1. There is a farmer's market on Beach Blvd in Gulfport on Tuesdays with a few produce vendors, one I know is a local grower. Also a good bread and cheese vendor are usually there. Closer to IRB on Sundays there are two markets; one on Corey Ave and one at the park across the street. I read there was a split so now they have two on the same day. Saturday market in downtown St Pete is the largest market in the area. The Fresh Market has a better selection of produce and higher quality meats than Publix. Also check out Mazzaro's a large Italian market. The produce selection is not huge, but great selection of meats, cheeses, and wine.

          Fresh Market
          2900 4th Street North
          St. Petersburg, FL 33704
          (727) 822-4913

          2909 22nd Avenue North
          St. Petersburg, FL 33713
          (727) 321-2400