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Dec 3, 2012 05:08 AM

Bagels and lox near South Station

I'll be up in Boston (working near South Station) next week. Where are the best bagels and lox for breakfast in the morning?


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  1. Flour bakery has an excellent smoked salmon breakfast sandwich special and is closeby. I can't think anywhere for good traditional bagel/lox.

    1. Unfortunately, it doesn't really exist close to South Station. If you have a car (and are bagel fanatical enough to brave morning traffic), there are pretty good bagels at Katz's just up route 1 in Chelsea, but I don't think they do lox. Within walking distance, afraid you're resigned to chain bagels. A bagel from Breuggers, with their smoked salmon cream cheese, is probably they best you're gonna do.

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        Breuggers has a servicable bagel with smoked salmon.

        1. re: Blumie

          Cool. Didn't realize they actually had smoked salmon. Thought it was just the flavored cream cheese. Good to know...

          1. re: keith

            In case someone is searching by name, it's "Bruegger's," not "Breuggers." They have a location at 91 Summer Street, pretty close to South Station. Their store at 211 Congress Street is nearly as close, depending on which way you want to walk from South Station. Both of these are open weekday daytimes only, no weekends or evenings.

        2. re: keith

          Actually, there are a surprising number of options in walking distance to South Station! In addition to the good options mentioned by others, try the Channel Cafe, just across the bridge from South Station in South Boston, which has a traditional bagel and lox (with onions, capers, etc.) on their menu.

        3. It might be worth giving Milk Street Cafe a call (617-542-3663). They always have bagels and cream cheese in the morning, and in the past they have had smoked salmon as well. It is no more than a 10 minute walk from South Station.