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Dec 3, 2012 04:31 AM

Kosher Brunch Site: Off N. Y. Thruway?

STill hoping for a Kosher brunch site halfway between Philadelphia and Hartford, Conn.

Anyplace in the Newburg/Tarrytown/Nyack/ Airdale areas or closeby?

Big family event; family coming from as far away as Boston, but they could sleep over in
Hartford area.

Teaneck isn't far enough North.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Don't know why you'd be taking the thruway thru that area to go to Hartford ct. But if you take I684 to I84 Waterbury ct has kosher bagel store Ami's. here the vaad of fairfield's list of kosher places in Ct.

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    1. re: berel

      not a place to have a 'big' family event. little more than a dump, with decent product..
      Note: only the Thomaston Ave location is kosher. The East Main St location is proud seller of Boar's Head deli.

    2. If you are coming up I-287 to the Thruway to I-84 (much better route IMO) check the Airmont area near Suffern. It's an easy one exit eastbound and I believe there are some kosher places along route 59.

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      1. re: mrsbuffer

        I did'nt know how to spell Airmont. That is a possibility. What Kosher places along route 59
        should I consider?

        How we get there isn't the issue; we could go many ways. What we need is a nice place
        to have a pleasant brunch for our family group of 11. Seven of us are coming from Philadelphia,
        so Connecticut is too far for us to travel.

      2. As for what's in Airmont/Monsey, there's a very large variety of places. Unfortunately, I haven't been to what I'd consider a kosher brunch place in that area. Rocklanders, a little help please? This location is an ideal meeting spot, as it is just over 2 hours from Philly and a little under 2 hours from Hartford.

        It seems a lot of people are unaware of's Kosher Database. It is an attempt to list almost every kosher establishment in the world(!), and does the best job of any site on the web in my opinion. It has information on type of place, supervision, and usually reviews for most popular restaurants. Best of all, there is Google Maps interface, which even the geographically challenged should be able to navigate. Here's the link

        Again, I haven't been, but this place looks like it might fit the bill

        Anyone have an opinion? Please give us your review. It looks like if you choose this place, reservations would be highly advisable.

        Good luck!

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        1. re: dk50b

          The location would be perfect. I'll get their phone number and call them.
          A lot of people, like myself, who are not observant, but have family members
          who are, rely upon the Kosher Board to provide good information. And, I have only
          a 'dumb' phone, and can't go the other route!

          1. re: Bashful3

            Duh. This is embarrassing. I tried to find "Rocklanders Restaurant"!!!

            Using your links, dk, I was able to locate The Purple Pear, in Monsey, which is upscale
            dairy, and open for brunch at 11am. they are sending me a menu by email, and I will
            ask our daughter to check out the supervision part. If it works out, I will let you all know.

            But, is anyone on the Board familiar with this place?

            1. re: Bashful3

              The supervision is excellent. The food, IMO, leave something to be desired, but if you are desperate it is ok. It is pretty expensive as well. Another option, also close by, is Bubba's Bagels.
              The Challah Fairy Cafe in New City is EXCELLENT and I would choose to go there over Purple Pear.

              1. re: Bashful3

                Ate at the purple pear two weeks ago. Enjoyed the food, but the service, not so much. My son had to get up and get us forks(they delivered our food and disappeared, without leaving napkins or utensils). Not acceptable when tip is added to bill automatically.