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Dec 3, 2012 12:36 AM

ISO a Korean place that serves a dish called "dakbokkeumtang" or "tak toritang"

Not sure if that's the two different name for the same dish or two slightly different dishes. Anyhow, this Korean women brought some to work and it was incredible. Anyone know where I can get some?

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  1. For the "tak toritang", I assume you're talking about the chicken in a red spicy/sweet broth?

    They have a decent one at "Jung soo nae" which is located on yonge, north of finch, on the west side, on the ground floor of an old apartment building. approx address is 5779 yonge. Not as good as home cooked, but I had no issues with it.

    I'm not exactly sure, but they may also have it at Joons, which has 2 locations, one on the south side of bloor bw/ christie and bathurst (closer to bathurst) and one by yonge and shepperd on the westside by a Firkin.

    1. Oh, sweet dak doritang! This is my favorite meal, often overlooked at Korean Restaurants in North America, and can be found in all it's glory at AFC (Ajuker Fried Chicken) Canada.

      680 Bloor Street West, North side between Clinton and Manning Sts.


      1. Thanks so much guys. I will try it at these places as I don't cook. I used to live right at Yonge Sheppard for over 10 years so very familiar the area. The lady never actually told me this is the name but I googled what I thought was the description and that's what came up. It looked like this:

        (short video of two women making it but just skip to the point where it's ready)