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Holiday food where you just want one or two bites

cresyd Dec 2, 2012 11:41 PM

With Hanukah coming, I have become fixated on the idea of just having one latke. The fried potato goodness evokes the holiday season and my mom for me, and it'd be nice to have that nostalgic moment - with just one latke.

I have never made fried latke's before, but in general I'm not very confident with frying food in that amount of oil (let alone doing it for just one). And I'm not really interested in baked or healthier routes - because it's not like I want a whole plate or anything. Also, I live in Jerusalem where prepared food counters will sell them - but anything fried that's been pre-made and allowed to go cold....uch.

What are other holiday foods that CHers love but really just want to have that taste, without commiting to the entire preparation.

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  1. j
    jujuthomas RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 06:18 AM

    pumpkin pie. :)

    1. foodieX2 RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 06:45 AM

      Hard Sauce
      Pecan Pie
      Any kind of fudge
      Ribbon candy
      sweet potato casserole

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      1. re: foodieX2
        Kontxesi RE: foodieX2 Dec 3, 2012 10:14 AM

        If only I could stop at a bite or two of fudge. :( I attribute all of my holiday weight gain to that sugary demon.

      2. Frosty Melon RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 09:57 AM

        Egg nog. (Sips, not bites.)

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        1. re: Frosty Melon
          biondanonima RE: Frosty Melon Dec 3, 2012 10:13 AM

          +1 on eggnog. I like it, and usually want about one 4oz. serving per holiday season, but that is PLENTY.

          1. re: biondanonima
            pine time RE: biondanonima Dec 3, 2012 01:50 PM

            Love eggnog, and a recipe I found for a Drunken Snowman (eggnog with Godiva white chocolate liqueuer) overwhelms my "just a few sips" every danged time. Have, however, switched to Silk 'Nog which is a tad less decadent.
            I also have one Starbucks eggnog latte per season, so I plan it carefully!

        2. ipsedixit RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 10:03 AM

          Anything with sweet potatoes (or yams) and marshmallows.

          And it would be just ONE bite (not two). And a small one at that.

          1. tcamp RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 10:14 AM

            Cheesecake. Cinnamon rolls. Any sort of breakfast sweet bread. Latkes, regretably, no way can I stop at one bite.

            1. f
              FrankJBN RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 10:15 AM

              Foods I generally dislike (which are few and usually far-between), I'll taste (one or two bites) just to be sure I still dislike it.

              . If it is food I like or want, it seems silly to have one bite, which far from satusfying a want, would only serve to whet appetite.

              1. fldhkybnva RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 04:06 PM

                Most of it! I did not inherit a very active sweets/carbs gene and am usually mocked for my preference for my very biased meat intake. However, I do get the occasional carb or sweets craving but after a few bites of most I am done. In fact, last night my SO mocked me as I announced an ice cream craving and came back with literally 3 tbsps of ice cream and was overwhelmed by the end or at Thanksgiving when I grab the usual oversized slice of pie, eat 3 bites, and am finished until the next day.

                1. gingershelley RE: cresyd Dec 3, 2012 04:22 PM

                  Most christmas cookies
                  Holiday coffee drinks (why would I want gingerbread in my coffee?)

                  1. l
                    laliz RE: cresyd Dec 4, 2012 02:29 PM

                    The first thing that comes to mind is fudge; but even then a half bite will suffice.

                    1. c
                      cgarner RE: cresyd Dec 5, 2012 09:55 AM

                      Fried baccala
                      I don't know how much any other CH's love fried baccala, but I make it every year for Christmas Eve.. I make very little because I"m the only one in my house that eats ANY of it, and even though I do love it, I can only eat a few bites
                      Ham.. even a really good ham, for some reason I can only manage a small sliver

                      on the sweet side, cheesecake, fruit cake, and pecan pie come to mind

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