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Dec 2, 2012 11:21 PM

Yule Log - any mousse-y ones out there ?

Just to declare, I've never had much craving for one in the past, as it's just simply a tad rich after generally heavy meals during the Christmas holidays. Until last Christmas when I had one made by a friend's visiting relative that was entirely homemade with chocolate mousse and meringue (don't ask me how, I can only say it was beyond my abilities) and it was totally amazing. So this month I'm on the quest for a light, texturally and hopefully calorically, mousse log. Thanks.

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  1. Can't believe how badly I worded the post above (shouldn't be on computer on a Sunday midnight).

    I'm looking for a yule log preferably made of all or mostly chocolate mousse in a local bakery/patisserie.


    1. Know what you mean. Last year we had one from Thomas Haas that was indead too chocolately/heavy after our dinner. Delicious but still...
      I wonder what Patisserie Bordeaux might have?
      Otherwise its back to the ice cream (sorbet) bombe situation.

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      1. The chocolate mousse and meringue brings to mind Sweet Obsessions Concorde with hazelnut meringue and choc mousse. No idea if they make Yule logs or other seasonal goodies but they do do nice things with mousse :-)

        1. Hey, I checked in on Faubourg today and they have several moussy ones, including a fruity one. The only problem: I've never bought anything there so I don't know if they are any good...

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          1. re: waver

            Thx !! :-D I can't imagine anything at Faubourg being bad, hehe. But I've only had their croissants so far.