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Dec 2, 2012 09:44 PM

X-mas Eve in Sedona

Hello All,

We will be in Sedona for 4 days over x-mas (23-27). We are staying at L'Auberge and likely plan to eat there a night or two. However I noticed for x-mas eve they have a 5 course menu for $125, which is high but fine, but there are no choices on it, i.e. both the wife and i will have to get the same thing, and that just seems unacceptable. I was wondering if there were any other places that folks would recommend for x-mas eve. it doesn't have to be anything fancy - just tasty and open!

also should we expect most things to be open on x-mas day?

in general do places need reservations or can we more "play by ear". places that look intriguing to us (we eat just about everything):
Elote Cafe, Che-ah-chi, Heartline Cafe,



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  1. Sedona is lovely during Christmas.
    Elote Cafe is one of the best places in the US.
    I beloved they are open 12/24 but closed Xmas..check their website.
    Cowboy Club, Wildflower Bread Company, Dahl and Deluca, Garland Lodge for dinner.
    Oaxacan is decent for margs and nachos..serves breakfast.

    Enchantment Resort is a place we love to stay and they used to have a great lunch resto called Yavapai...great place to dine amongst the red rock..guard at gate so call ahead for reservations, so they will let you in.

    Reds for happy hour.
    Rock Springs Cafe for some of the best pie off the I-17 about an hour from PHX.

    You want to get to Elote right when they open for dinner.
    Blood orange margs and the elote app are sublime.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      thanks BC - got most of the restaurant recs from your earlier review. sadly garlands seems closed for the season...

      where actually coming from northern cali so will be coming in via flagstaff - any thoughts along I-40

      1. re: bennyscuba

        Years ago, I've done Garcia's in Scottsdale in Flag and friends have enjoyed Brix.
        I'm usually going up from PHX but did a road trip from Las Vegas to Sedona.
        Have a great time benny and report bacd.

        I have experienced snow during the holidays, so be a prepared boy scout. ; )