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Dec 2, 2012 09:39 PM

Your favourite ISI Whip tricks

Give them up!

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  1. I make "cappucino" soups with a flavoured foam on top. Heat milk with flavouring, let infuse. Mix with same amount of cream and put into your ISI. I serve these soups in clear glasses or cups, so the cappucino effect is clearly visible.

    Wild mushroom soup with bacon foam (flavour the milk with some fried bacon), sprinkle bacon dust on top. Careful, handling a hot ISI takes some practice.

    Cold melon soup with lavender foam. Puree cantaloupe melon with lemon juice. Infuse milk with lavender (5-10 mins only!), add a little sugar. Store charged ISI in fridge. Sprinkle caramel dust on top.

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    1. re: ZoeLouise

      thanks, but these are still fundamentally whipping cream, but with flavourings...

      anyone doing anything with lecithin? gelatin? other gel or thickening agents?
      NON -dairy?

      anyone try infusing oils in it?
      how about carbonating fruits?

      I'm looking to take it a step further... or ten...

      1. re: weedy

        The Chow Modernist videos show infusing and carbonating.

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          Yes I did a few firm Espumas using gelatin. I use Knox powdered gelatin. 1/2 teaspoon equals 1 sheet. They are quite lovely. Several fruit Espumas and some savory.
          I've infused olive oil with orange zest, and celery stalks with vodka for bloody Mary's. carbonated grapes were not very successful. Too goopy seemed to lose their texture.
          Meringues are fabulous in the whips. I sweetened the egg whites with powdered sugar and a touch if cream if tartar. I mostly use my smaller 1 pint whip but it needs two charges for mist things except light foams.

      2. Different? I made mayonnaise foam (with a bit of lecithin) at work though primarily as a demonstration of how one could make a rectal preparation into a foam.

        1. I've tried the infusion of liquids.

          For a first try I just put all kinds of spices in water: fresh lemon peel, crushed juniper berries, half a cinnamon stick and some cardamom. Gas, let infuse for 5 minutes, release pressure quickly. Mix result with lemon juice and a little sugar, add alcohol of choice. Nice drink.

          Next was flowers. Violets did not work, neither with water nor with Vodka. Elderflowers worked fine with water. I always filled the container with the flowers (remove all greens) and then added about 300ml of liquid for a .5l ISI.

          I haven't tried to infuse oil.

          1. try some of the 40 sec. microwave cakes from Albert Adria. there are various forms of it out there, its basically, almond flour, flour, sugar, egg whites, strain, double charge squirt into a cup and microwave for 40 seconds.

            also you can do a mousse, use xantham, gelitan, agar and such for holding power/strength

            1. What seems hard to find is advice as to what emulsifying agent/thickener works best with what.

              If I mix Sea Urchin with some cream, for example, do I NEED Xanthan as well? Lecithin? Gelatin? nothing?

              why would one use Lecithin for one foam and Xanthan Gum for another? etc.

              the other night I did a zabaglione that I mixed with some cream and foamed... and that worked fine. but it ends up (naturally) more like a mousse... so it leaves me wondering what I might add to a straight zabaglione to make it stable but NOT need the cream...

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              1. re: weedy

                for sea urchin with cream, it will foam up, but the question is how long it will hold. For stability i would reccomend using either agar or gelatin, I would perfer agar because it gels at room tempature. Xantham gum would work too, xatham is more of a thickener and give it more of a body.

                Well a zabglione+cream areated hence why you got a mousse like texture which is nice. None of the above hydrocollids would add volume, lechtin is a emlusifier/binder and lecthin is already in the egg. Maybe try versawhip or methcylluose (sp?) but then again, as much fun as a whipper is, a stand mix with a bulb attachment maybe better. if you try this, please share.

                1. re: jester99

                  oh, and maybe add egg white powder and then throwing it into a whipper and see what happens. again, a lot of this is trial and error which for some, is fun.