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Sep 10, 2005 07:11 PM

Dim Sum in Sacramento

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Looking for a relatively inexpensive (can be hard with DS) Dim sum restaurant in the Sacramento area - from Rancho Cordova to East Sac (and downtown) will entertain all comers.... Look forward to the replies. Thanks

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  1. The fav... in Sacto is The New Canton and it's pretty good but I'd try King's in West Sacramento )(1500 West Capitol Ave., West Sacramento) or The Rice Bowl on Florin (2378 Florin Rd..) King's have items I don't see at the other Dim Sum places such as Beef Tendon a couple of takes on tripe that are very good and others. I've never really had Dim Sum at The Rice Bowl but I have had plenty of good dinners and they have a very good resturant in my opinion. I'm looking forward to going to the Rice Bowl myself. Good Luck

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    1. re: Robert

      The Rice Bowl is closed. I like Capital Tea Garden at 1110 T. St. (downtown)

      1. re: Tracy L.

        RIP Rice Bowl. Too bad, I liked that place. Yes, I like the Capital Tea Garden as well.

        1. re: Robert

          Rice bowl was closed due to 6-page health department violation. You can look it up at the health department web site, quite interesting.

          1. re: chichi

            Jeeze, that's gross. I guess I'll be looking for another chinese resturant. Those reports that Sac County does are very informative, almost too much information but that's just because it's not what I want to hear. Every time I read one of these I want to check all of my fav's and see what the verdict is but I get nervous. I'll bet those inspectors don't go out to dinner very often.

            Thanks for the insight. BTW I think they are open again. At least the order to close has been lifted. I guess that means they went to health and cleanliness school as required? I hope they learned something.

            Thanks again. Robert

        2. re: Tracy L.

          Capital Tea Garden is ok...I go there about once every couple of weeks for dim sum. New Canton is better in every way, tho...fresher, greater variety, and about the same, price-wise. The parking lot at New Canton is pretty small, tho, and you take a big chance of getting your doors dinged. I usually park on the street.

        3. re: Robert

          When (if?) Rice Bowl reopens, I'd go back. Yeah, the inspection was pretty harsh, but in all the times I've been there, I never got sick. Plus, right after they open they'll be trying their best to win back their customer base, so you know they'll be toeing the mark.

        4. New Canton on Broadway is the best in Sacto. There are a couple of places in the south area, but they don't match up to New Canton. Price is great also, we rarely go over $15 per person. Capitol Tea, OK. Kings in West Sac? Oh please. I wouldn't recommend my worse enemy to go there.