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Dec 2, 2012 08:29 PM

All-you-can-eat Burmese food fair

More fully, the fourth annual Fundraising Concert and Food Fair for Orphans of Burma. December 15, 2012, from 5:00 until 6:30 or the chow runs out, followed by musical performances.

Once you work through the fine print, you'll see that the venue is the Aviation High School (45-30 36th St., Long Island City), the same location as the most recent Moegyo food fair this past summer. An organizer tells me that tickets, $15, will be available at the door. Given the cause, it seems both fair and generous not to insist on change from your twenty, however, when you can fill up on a menu like this:

Dave Cook

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  1. Thanks a lot for alerting us. The menu looks great! What did you like best in other years?

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    1. re: Pan

      This is one local Burmese fair I've never been to. If I go this time, I'll just have to tough it out and eat what looks good. It shouldn't be hard to get your money's worth, provided you're at the door by 5:00 or, to be safe, a little earlier.

      Dave Cook

      1. re: Pan

        There were two this past year - I went to the first one. The dishes were heavily weighted toward things that were easy to prepare mostly ahead of time and combine at a table, such as noodles with lots of mix-ins. When I went the crowd was huge - I would recommend arriving before start time so you can get in and get some food and a place to sit. There are lots of tables, but they all fill up fast, so maybe divide your crowd into table savers and food gatherers.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          If you go this time, I'll look for you if I make it there. I hope to.

          1. re: Peter Cuce

            how was the food what were your favorites?

            1. re: AubWah

              It's been so long, don't remember many specifics, but I recall having at least two or three dishes that I thought were very good, and it was far better than the Burmese church potluck thingy I went to something like six years ago way out in Queens somewhere.

              There was a tea leaf salad, reminiscent of the one I had at the late, lamented Burmese Cafe on Roosevelt Ave (, lots of noodle dishes, and maybe a chicken curry. You have to get there early, because all of the unique stuff goes real fast. Burmese food is so rare (or non-existent) in NYC that it's worth going, at least to me. Plus, you see a lot of Burmese people in one place, which is unusual in and of itself. They must come from hundreds of miles around for these events.

              1. re: Peter Cuce

                wish I could make it but it seems I've committed to a Sripraphai lunch Saturday

        2. I'm planning to come up to NYC for this, so if a bunch of Chowhounders are thinking to meet up there, I'd love to meet some people. I'll be moving to NYC in 2013, and know no one there but my fiance.

          1. The original comment has been removed