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Dec 2, 2012 08:20 PM

New Yorker desperately needing a great Italian dinner for cousin originally fr Corona Queens NY

Had many Italian dinners at Venetian (Mario Batalo), good but need better. Any suggestions?
BTW-going New Years weekend.

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  1. Il Mulino. Old school (NY) Italian. Caesar's shops. $$$. Go hungry.

    1. I would recommend trying Parma. It's off the Strip near the Summerlin area and it's very, very good and everything I have ever heard and read other people say about it has all been positive.

      1. franju, I am a fellow tri-stater and can throw in a couple of suggestions. Il Mulino, already mentioned, is a NYC original which, imo, has lost its splendor since becoming a "chain". It is good but way too commercial and way too expensive. Another transplanted NYC restaurant is Scarpetta in the Cosmopolitan. Again, it is good, has a good atmosphere. It has made a better transition from the NYC original than Il Mulino or B&B has but not really in the "great" category.

        Sinatra in The Encore has delighted and infuriated me over the years. Infuriated because after delighting in such a great dinner we would go back 6 moths later to meh. When it is on, it is at the top of the list. However I have no patience as a tourist in returning to an expensive restaurant that you can't count on being excellent.

        Truly awesome is Bartolotta in the Wynn. Their pastas are exquisite but it is the fresh Mediterranean seafood that is the draw (DON'T miss the pastas though!). Many are simply grilled and drizzled with olive oil or lightly sauced. Now it will cost you a make that LARGE fortune to eat there but it is spectacular is how fresh and tasty simply prepared seafood can taste.

        And off strip there are two older school places that do not compare in quality but do offer good dining options and that is Piero's and Ferraro's.

        1. I would recommend Nora's Cuisine on Flamingo; just off the strip