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Dec 2, 2012 08:11 PM

Pig and Pickle

The chef's from Atlas Bistro just opened up their place on Thomas and Hayden

Place is very cool insde, cement floors and high industrial ceilings, open floor plan for the entire dining room, and the kitchen is open as well which is fun to see what is going on in the back of the house as well, good vibe to the place, there is a glowing pig outside, and bacon soda for decoration inside, and pork belly on the table

they have their liquor license, they do not really have a cocktail menu so to speak, they have a good selection of beers and wines - orval for 7 and 750ml saisson for 12 (-1 for happy hour) - they had a few cocktails on the menu but it certainly is not the focus at the moment

Everything was really good, my favorite bite was the duck leg with the mung bean cake (crispy duck leg and it was pretty large, it is good enough you won't want to share it so if you are both eyeing it at the table just order two of them - not that it is small by any means), and apple and date dessert with whipped goat cheese and pine nuts, the goat cheese was very lightly whipped and softened by the heat of the tart so it really cut the sweetness of the tart and the pine nuts gave it the texture...great dessert

If you order the charcuterie make sure you ask for bread, it is a side order and a slight surcharge but it is fresh baked and awesome, you get multiple types of bread...the trout roulette is very tastey along with the rest of the board, trout is always going to be a winner for me, along with many types of pork, pickles, pickled onions etc

For being open under 24 hours I dont know what more you could want

Great price point, staff is very friendly, most are Packer fans...what more can you want

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  1. wow...great looking menu on the website, and it seems to have far more choices than the Atlas Bistro did if all of that is available every night.

    Eager to try it, but it's quite a drive for us. Dapuma, can you tell me approximately how LARGE a place it is with that large menu? The Atlas Bistro space was small, maybe 60-75 I'd guess, and also, the reference to Packers scares me. Is it a sports bar with TV's visible from every dining table, or just at the bar? And how is the noise level? I loved the Atlas Bistro for intimate groups of 4-6 who really wanted to hear each other. How would you describe the ambience? Do the concrete floors bring the noise-level to what my husband and I like to call "twenty-something decibels" as in, suitable for 20-somethings? Thanks!

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    1. re: KAYLO

      Atlas is less than 40 seats. Has to be to be eligible for BYO.

      Just an aside but Atlas is even better now than it was before.

      1. re: jock

        Atlas was excellent under the old chefs and has not skipped a beat with the new chefs, they did a custom tasting menu for us and the new chef spread his wings and made just an amazing meal for our group

        Atlas is one of the best resto's in the valley IMO

        That being said Pig and Pickle is not sports barish at all, it is open with a cement floor and it wouldn't be called quiet, but I don't think it is any louder than Cowboy Ciao or CPH if that gives you a feel for it

        It is much more casual than Atlas, and a touch more casual than CPH or Cowboy Ciao

        I would certainly recommend checking it out - the chocolate chip cookie nutella ice cream with homemade marshmellows is a must for dessert and whatever version of pork belly they are doing for an app

        I do not care for the pork tostadas much but others love them, the menu changes all the time and just the nature of how they cook there will always be a few hits and misses because they are constantly testing changing and evolving the menu - the good outweights the bad and for the price you get creative cooking and a fun atmosphere, also the Saisson for $12 a bottle is a shockingly good deal :)

        The fun part is trying something new just about every time you go in, because even if they menu item is pork belly per se - they have never prepared it the same way twice - which means it is always fresh and new

    2. Tried this place the other night.

      Highlights were the bone marrow and the scrapple (yes, scrapple!).

      The misses, and boy did they miss, were the pork tostados, the tuna, the cod bites and the shephards pie, which tasted like a bad version of green bean casserole.

      Service was spotty and frustratingly slow, even when the whole dining room was slow.

      1. I really liked Pig and Pickle too. I'm also one of those people who love the pork tostadas with ginger aioli and kimchi (P&P served them at the Devour food festival too). Have only been once with some friends, but some of our highlights: "Tots" (bbq that night), Croque Madame (especially the ham), pork flat iron, duck leg with mung bean cake, steak with mushrooms, polenta and blue cheese fondue, pork tostadas: