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Dec 2, 2012 07:51 PM

New Drink

Tried of Mai Tai too sweet, too sour, or just not right. Try this, fill tall glass with ice and squeeze lime over it. Pour 1.5 Oz wiskey and fill with Ruby grapefruit juice (Ocean Sprey). Even bartenders have asked to sip it when ordered. Although it sound weird, all have liked it. You can add more wiskey if too weak or more grapefruit juice if too strong. Try it, bet you'll like it.

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  1. Mai Tai
    1 oz Rum (light)
    1 oz Rum (dark)
    1/2 oz Curaçao
    1/2 oz Orgeat
    3/4 oz lime Juice

    Not sure if you've had a proper Mai Tai, but most bars don't serve them. Try making a proper one (if you haven't already) and you might be surprised. At the very least, they're a different beast from their unfortunate doppelgängers.

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    1. re: alphanumeric

      Agreed. And to complicate it, real orgeat is very hard to find. Fee brand is widely available, but is nothing like real orgeat (tastes of almond extract, rather than almonds themselves). I bet outside of a major metro area, it's impossible to make a real Mai Tai without either mail ordering the orgeat or making it yourself.

      The Boston Shaker sell B. G. Reynolds orgeat (as well as Fee). I actually buy both, but use Fee for kid's mocktails. I know there are other brands that are good too, but I haven't tried them. B. G. Reynolds is brown colored, so it does change the color of drinks somewhat.

      I have a highly-recommended recipe for orgeat, but I haven't made it yet.
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      I also don't see how whiskey (bourbon?) and grapefruit has anything to do with a Mai Tai, even a crappy one.

      1. re: EvergreenDan

        Routin 1883's orgeat is pretty good, and available from a number of online sources. It's what I use for both most cocktails and mocktails. I'd like to try the Small Hand one -- which unlike BG's is white -- but it's astronomically expensive when shipping is factored in.

        "I also don't see how whiskey (bourbon?) and grapefruit has anything to do with a Mai Tai, even a crappy one."

        It's interesting to think about the conception most people have when it comes to tiki drinks. Their impression comes from sampling these things at low-end Chinese restaurants. And mixing up some whiskey and grapefruit is probably a decent approximation, flavor-wise, of the usual "pour a bunch of random fruit juice and some white rum into a glass over ice and add an umbrella." Which is sad, given how amazing (IMHO, at least!) real tiki drinks can be.

      2. re: alphanumeric

        I wouldn't recommend the 1:1 combo of light rum and dark rum. Other threads cover this, but the rum flavor is fairly specific for this drink and the somewhat arbitrary light and dark pairing (which I first saw in Robert Hess's generally excellent cocktail book) resulted in a rather harsh and unpleasant Mai Tai. My go-to is simply 2 oz. of Appleton 12 Year Old.

        1. re: The Big Crunch

          Most good Mai tai recipes such as Beach Bum berry's don't call for light and dark rum, but rather a mixture of aged rums to approximate the original no longer made Wray and Nephew 17 yr old. The article I link a few posts down gives several interesting combinations of rums.

      3. What you have described is essentially a low-brow Blinker or Brown Derby cocktail. I can see it being tasty, though I think it would be a heck of a lot better with fresh grapefruit juice and not the Ocean Spray stuff. If you like the drink, try a real Blinker or Brown Derby. I think you'll like them even better.

        And I agree about the comments concerning Mai Tais. A well made Mai Tai is hard to find. But when made with care, following Trader Vic's original recipe as closely as possible, it really is one of the world's best cocktails.

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        1. re: tnilsson

          This is an interesting article - I have made his #2 choice, with Sea Wynde and El Diorado 15 yr and it was excellent, even though I was not using high quality orgeat.