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Need help with a chicken recipe I can make in the oven

I'm having guests over & wanted an easy chicken recipe that I can make in the oven and in a perfect world wondered if I can cut up breasts into smaller pieces with mushrooms and maybe a marsala type sauce. Any ideas? All of the recipes for chicken marsala I've found require it to be cooked in a pan and I don't want to cook while my guests are here

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  1. Look online for the Silver Palate chicken marbella recipe and see if that appeals you. I've never made it, but it always seems to get raves. Overnight marinating and then a little assembly, but then it's one of those stick in the oven and forget til the timer goes off recipes.

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      OH, boy, pasuga....are you looking to stir up some controversy? That recipe seems to be the one that gets blood boiling both for and against. I haven't had it, but I understand that one either passionately loves it or violently despises it. Funny.

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        I'll check it out, any other ideas are welcome since I prefer one of those sure winners than love it or hate it. I checked food network and epicurious and couldn't believe I couldn't find anything.

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          I honestly didn't know that, had only read positive things! And figured anything that was such a staple at their shop had to have something going for it. At least I didn't recco the PW Woman's chicken spaghetti casserole made with canned mushroom soup. (G). Anyway, just think cooking boneless chicken cutlets in the oven isn't a great idea. Chicken marsala/piccata really needs to be made on a stovetop where you can adjust the heat quickly and take the meat out of the pan the minute it's done so it doesn't dry out.

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            Thx, I really appreciate your suggestion!

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                Thanks for posting that, very interesting.

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                  I was actually curious to taste the dish after reading it!

        2. Why not brown the cutlets, and make the sauce ahead of time? 25 minutes prior to when you want to eat assemble the room temp chicken in a nice ovenproof dish, and start warming your sauce on the stove top. Garnish with minced parsley. It's done in catering all the time.

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            Oh....I knew someone would have a trick. How long can the chicken be sitting room temp?

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              Sitting on the counter top, wrapped for one hour prior is fine and will bring it to room temp. BTW the stated 25 minutes includes pre-heating the oven. When browning the cutlets take it to 3/4 done. The re-warming will take it the remaining way. If you don't do it already I would suggest that you butterfly the cutlets to ensure quick cooking. 10 to 12 minutes @ 325 is all it would take being that the sauce will be warming separately on the stove top. Chicken marsala is one of my favorite dishes serve along with an orzo, and rice pilaf and simple steamed veggies!

          2. Why not make a braised chicken that can get done about when you need it? Brown chicken thighs ahead of time, add appropriate additions for Indian/French/ Italian/Asian. Bake in oven for a 30-45 minutes along with rice made in a separate pan in the oven. Serve chicken over rice and you're done.

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              +1. Make a braised or stewed chicken dish (like Coq au vin) that can be done the day before and then just reheated when your guests arrived. No fuss, and those dishes taste better if made ahead anyway.

              But reheating the marsala would work as well.

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                I'd go braised, too, and with the dark meat as you're suggesting. Chicken breast is hard enough to get right, w/out being too dry, to risk double cooking it. Something like a chicken canzanese would be easy and mushrooms could easily be added, like this:


              2. You can make it earlier in the day in the pan and heat it up in the oven - no fuss! I do it all the time. Comes out fine.

                1. Well, this definitely calls for Nigella's chicken and sausage bake! I haven't tried the chorizo version yet, should be even better. What I have done, is to put some button mushrooms in with the lot.

                  1. I love chicken Marbella but though I have a sweet tooth, I use half the brown sugar called for in the recipe.

                    A favorite, impressive-looking but easy and tasty recipe for boneless, skin-on breasts that I read in a woman's magazine: pound the skin-on breast pieces until thin and even. Skin side down, put a tablespoon of flavored cream cheese (chive/onion, or garden vegetable) atop the chicken, then roll up and place seam-side down in a baking pan, adjusting the skin to neatly cover the flesh. Lay a slice of bacon lengthwise over each roll (half a slice if using small breasts) and tuck ends underneath. Bake at 375-400 for 45 minutes or so, until the skin is golden brown and the bacon is crisp. The bacon drippings will have mixed with the cream cheese that leaks from the rolls, forming a wonderful sauce.

                    1. I have done Tyler Florence's chicken cordon bleu for guests when i didn't want to be slaving over the stove while I could be enjoying the company and some wine. I prep everything, pop it in the fridge and then just pop in the oven when it needs to go in. It presents pretty nicely and tastes great.

                      1. There is a lovely recipe for rabbit with fennel in The Splendid Table that is also delicious made with chicken (I use bone-in thighs). http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/palma/20...

                        It is a long, slow roast and requires just a bit of basting, but no real attention while your guests are there. The onions and fennel caramelize into something really special.

                        1. How about Chicken Marengo, which can be made ahead or started on the burner and put in the oven after?

                          1. I like this recipe for roasted chicken with carmelized shallots from David Lebovitz's blog: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2010/03/.... Mushrooms would probably be a good addition.

                            1. Or make this recipe from Ottolenghi's "Jerusalem." I haven't made it yet, but all my friends rave about it, and it is hassle-free made in the oven, with all the prep done the day before so chicken can marinate.


                              1. How about chicken with 40 cloves of garlic? That should be pretty hands off. If you have access to pre-peeled garlic, all the better!


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                                  BTW I made this exactly recipe on Sunday, it does require a decent amount of stove time to get the chicken browned, then to make the "sauce" to pour over the chicken to put into the oven... more time than is required to actually bake the chicken in the oven.

                                  Also, their method of peeling garlic by shaking it like hell in two bowls didn't work that well either.

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                                    This is my go to chicken dish as recommended here on Chow a couple years ago, it has become part of my regular rotation. Good enough to serve company and easy enough for weeknight meal.
                                    Roasted chicken with spicy marjoram tomatoes, you can omit the spice with no ill effects, and use another spice equally successfully if you don't have ground marjoram on hand.


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                                      Hmm, well, my thinking was that most of it could be done ahead of time and then it could finish in the oven while the OP spent time with guests. I wouldn't attempt this without pre-peeled garlic, though---a definite time saver!

                                      How did you like how the recipe turned out, juliejulez?

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                                        It was OK. Part of it was my fault, my pan to brown the chicken wasn't large enough so the chicken didn't get as brown as I'd like since it was so crowded. I should have done in batches. Also, it just didn't taste garlicky to me. Like, it was good, the chicken was very moist and juicy, just not... garlicky. But, I've also never had Chicken with 40 cloves before so maybe it's not supposed to have a heavy garlic flavor so I was expecting the wrong thing? I don't know. My BF said it was good.

                                        I wanted to kill myself while peeling all that garlic too... that video made it look so easy to peel 40 cloves at once, but it was all LIES :)

                                  2. One of my favorite company meals - it's easy, delicious and can make ahead. It's great with the suggested polenta, which I make in the oven as well.

                                    Braised Chicken with Tomato, Pancetta and Zinfandel (William Sonoma)

                                    "hands free" oven baked polenta

                                    1. wow!! You guys are all so fabulous with so many great ideas posted I've got a lot to choose from! Because you all were so awesome I'm going to post another question. Thanks to all!!

                                      1. Curried Chicken Pan Roast from Food and Wine. It's fantastic and cooks itself. Boneless skinless thighs and veggies.

                                        1. Maybe make a delicious roasted whole chicken with a made ahead mushroom sauce

                                          1. I've used boneless skinless thighs a couple of way recently. Could be adapted for BSCB.
                                            One was bourbon chicken which was done in the oven and the other which we had tonight was a Moraccan, chicken with preserved lemon and olives. The Moroccan dish was the best of the two IMO. I braised the chicken on the stove but could be done in the oven.

                                            The bourbon chicken was served with white rice and the Moroccan dish with saffron infused rice.

                                            1. This roast chicken is only partially what you want, but since you do the rub the night before, it's very hands-off when it's time to cook. The only issue is carving the chicken (I'm practicing, but still not good at it!), but there's a way in the magazine article to do it with chicken shears that makes things easier if that's an issue for you, too. (I didn't see it in the linked recipe, though)