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Need nice restaurant near Carnegie Hall

We are two ladiies who are looking for a resataurant for lunch near 58th, btwn 6th & 7th. Would like it to have good food, lovely atmosphere & not too loud so we can talk.
Need to stay close by.
Many thanks.

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    1. Any restaurant at the Time Warner Center. Also, moderately priced and pleasant atmosphere at Whym on 9th av, between 57 and 58.

      1. Seasonal



        Ma Peche

        1. If you need to stay close by, Molyvos is your best choice. The food is Greek, but there is a wide range of choices and it is well done.

            1. Am now thinking of Trattoria del'Arte. Any thoughts?
              Thanks for all your replies

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              1. re: lenny351

                It's fine.

                Not as good as many other places recommended in this thread.

                  1. re: barberinibee

                    Concur. I hate Molyvos. Pedestrian and kitschy. Average food. Ramada Inn decor.

                1. re: lenny351

                  Seasonal and Marea are much better.

                2. I am a big fan of Benoit, classic french, beautiful space, and a v friendly staff.

                  1. I just might take the plunge $$$ & take Benoit. Just called for reservations & thought the person that answered was chewing gum & somewhat rude.
                    Also looked up the scores on Zagot & they come in at 84%

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                        LOL. I'm allergic to most fish & sea food!

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                          Seasonal should be fine with your allergies. The cuisine is Austrian. Very good Wiener Schnitzel.

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                            FWIW, I think the guy who runs the bar most nights is one of the best bartenders in midtown at least, if not the city, and you can sit there and eat also. Its expensive, but if you do it right, it can be reasonable.

                            I have generally had good experience w the rest of the FOH, but I actually went in for lunch a few days ago, and the lunch staff were brutal, granted I got there right when they opened, but still, very disorganized, and unfriendly.

                            I think the food is good, and for the neighborhood, I honestly think it is a pretty good value. I dont want to shill for it, and I will concede a number of the criticisms, but I have spent a lot of time in this neighborhood, and more and more of that time is being spent at Benoit, instead of the other options.