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Dec 2, 2012 05:16 PM

Induction - double burner grill pan


Am looking to buy a double burner grill pan for an induction cook-top. I looked at Ares, Canadian Tire, Ikea, Sears, The Bay and cannot find one.

Looking for a place in Montreal.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you,

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  1. It's not a double, but just passed by Costco today, and saw a induction burner. Didn't have time to check it out, so don't know the brand or detail. But saw it going for 69$

    1. Despres Laporte might have something but call ahead. LeCreuset has a single but it's pretty expensive.

      1. bread and coffee, is the induction cook-top part of your regular stove, or do you have a portable one? I'm thinking of getting a portable one - Ares? Other places?

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        1. re: lagatta

          Its part of my stove. Two of the burners can be connected so that I can use a double grill. Am trying to find one that can work on the cook top.

        2. Thanks. I'll check out Cosco and Despres Laporte.

          Hopefully, I'll find one at one of the two.