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Dec 2, 2012 04:44 PM

Need Your Opinion on a New Blender

I recently bought a new blender - "Blendtec Home The Professional's Choice Total Blender" ( Having used Cuisinart before, I have been amazed by the performance of this machine. Very smooth blends for sauces and dips, easy to prepare batters for cakes and breads, and so on. However within a week of use, the motor burned up while I was making a dough in it - following one of the recipes in Blentec's own cookbooks. ( strong burning smell of metal, and smoke coming out of the motor base).
Talked to amazon and they said I could return it for a refund. So now I am back in the market for another blender.
It should be something that stands up to daily use. Most of what I would be using it for - tomato, garlic, ginger pastes and purees, batters and doughs for bread, soups and smoothies.
I am still inclined to buy a blentec - assuming the one I had, was probably a lemon. Has anyone had a similar problem before ?
If this is a common problem with blentec, I can go for a something with a comparable performance. Most online reviews mention Vitamix, which is a little more expensive. I can go for it, if it is really worth the price and can stand up to heavy usage.
What do you suggest ? Would love to hear from anyone who has experience with these blenders.

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  1. No matter what the book suggests, I would never use a blender for bread dough--that's why I use my food processor for almost everything you have mentioned. I do smoothies in my blender, and use an immersion blender for soups and cooked tomatoes.

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      Thanks, escondido. So there is no one machine that can-do-it-all.. ? Which is what Blentec and Vitamix advertise. I don't like Cuisinart because of their flimsy parts that broke frequently. Which food processor would you recommend ?

    2. I have had Cuisinarts and have been very happy with them--never had anything break. What might you be doing that is so heavy duty that normal machines break? What kind of budget do you have and what kind of kitchen appliances do you already have?

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        No, I also have problems with food processors, both KA and Cuisinart. The bowls, lids, and bowl handles are flimsy and expensive to replace. It is irritating.

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          I have a Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor, which is okay for making pastes and purees, but just small. Also when I grind dry spices in it, the jar gets totally scratched, so would be good to have one with glass/steel jar.
          I also have a Cuisinart SmartPower Duet - Blender/Food Processor. The blender assembly is clumsy. One time the locking ring at the base got stuck and no matter how hard we tried, we could not take it apart for washing - and we could see the smoothie had leaked to the threads inside the ring. We had to just throw it away. We got another one, same kind, new model. With that, twice, we had the locking ring break - it looks like very cheap plastic and not well made. I did not get the replacement part this time around. This is the one that I am looking to replace.
          My budget is in the range of $500. By heavy-duty I mean - it will be used everyday - for smoothies, purees and pastes, soups, and dough for bread and cakes. Occasionally I will also use it to grind dry spices.
          I also have a Waring Pro Juice Extractor and a Citrus Juicer - that I am happy with.

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            I have not regretted my purchase of my Vita Mix 5200 for a second. It is glorious!

        2. I have this Blendtec blender and love it. I mainly use it for green smoothies or to grind up grains or nuts. Never thought of using a blender for dough. Blendtec is comparable to the vitamix. I watched a lot of blendtec/vitamix reviews on you tube before making my choice. The best blender and juicer reviews are done by that guy from Discount Juicers. His name is John something. I think his you tube name is raw foods. He gives you pros and cons of many juicers and blenders depending on what you will be doing with them.
          My Blendtec will automatically cut off if I have something in it that is too much for it. Like too much frozen fruit, making it too thick to blend.

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            Thank you, I will check out those videos. When I saw all the recipes in the cookbook that came with the blender - there are all kinds of breads - they explain step-by-step how to prepare those easily with this blender - I tried a few. The banana bread came out well - its batter is not stiff. The problem happened with a recipe they call - half and half honey wheat bread that has a stiff batter.
            Probably they should stop promoting it as a one machine that can do it all. I never thought that there would be a problem with trying out the recipes as they suggest in their cookbook.

            1. re: calchef12

              >Probably they should stop promoting it as a one machine that can do it all<

              I agree. If the company says it can handle bread dough, then it should be able to handle bread dough.
              With that said. I once ground up some rice and other grains in my Blendtec, and it dinged up the inside of my pitcher. Scratches and little nicks. Didn't know it was going to do that. Hopefully it won't cause cleaning issues. So far, it is fine. Just not as clear as it once was. I chose the Blentec over the Vitamix, because it was a nice big pitcher that fit underneath my cabinet. I also like the wide shape from top of the pitcher to the bottom. Makes it easier to clean. I just wish Blendtec would come out with the same pitcher made of glass.

          2. I love my Vitamix but I don't use it for bread doughs, I use my Verona Assistent mixer or occasionally my food processor for that. Personally, I don't think one machine can do it all well. Food processors are great for chopping, slicing and grating none of which I expect my blender to do. They also work well for some doughs.

            Vitamix says it will knead bread dough, chop, and even " grate" cheese but I don't think it's the best appliance for that so I don't bother. But I prefer the best tool for the job, not what I can get away with.