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Dec 2, 2012 04:19 PM

Actually, I've been meaning to create a real pu pu platter thread [San Francisco]

I didn't catch the actual helpful and earnest response to the fake thread posted earlier. And you might ask why in the world, with such good Chinese food in the Bay Area, would someone want to know about a greasy pu pu platter? Truth is, I've got a craving, and I haven't found this delight on many menus, even at the Americanized joints. Are there any decent pu pu platters of note in the city? It's a family tradition to scarf one down on Christmas Eve, and I'll be an orphan this year, so I'm seeking this little bit of comfort.

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  1. Descibe geographic regions. Tradr Vik in E'ville and Su Hong in Palo Alto have 'em. Roy's in SF was nominated in 2004 as best Pupu platter in the city (canoe platter for two). Tonga room certainly has it. Wok shop cafe in the richmond.

    There are some out there - what makes a good pupu platter?

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      SF, and primarily from Civic Center area west and north of Market St. Inner Sunset and Richmond, Hayes/Western Addition.NoPA, Fillmore, etc.

      Good I would say means meat that is more tender than rubber, fried chicken and shrimp that are crispy and not burnt, and as little grease as possible. I'd like to avoid candy-red spareribs if at all possible.