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Dec 2, 2012 04:16 PM

loved Closerie des Lilas

hi everyone - thanks for your recommendation of Closerie des Lilas.. any similar places with the same vibe? we loved it.

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  1. note : we went after dinner just for drinks at the bar.. so any other piano bar recommendations would be great.

    1. Jessica - Can you give us some parameters with which to give you like places - Hemingway, shrubbery, nappery, food choices - vibes in what sense.?

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      1. re: John Talbott

        ... Famous writers' name plates on the tables, brass hooks for the ladies' bags under the bar, good cocktails, bad food?

        1. re: Ptipois

          Oh Pti that's sooooo easy - Chez L'Ami Louis, Aux Lyonnais or the Bar at the Scribe.

      2. The bar at the Hotel Lutetia on rue de Sèvres/ boulevard Raspail in the 6th. An Art-Deco gem but somewhat more subdued than the Closerie des Lilas. Piano after 7pm.

        But maybe Chowhound is not the best place for recommendations that are not narrowly food-related. Or so it seems.