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Dec 2, 2012 03:26 PM

Oyster houses in Houston

Will be in Houston next week and was looking for a place to pig out on oysters. Not looking for a
fancy spot but something like Acme in New Orleans. Suggestions?

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  1. Capt. Benny's and Capt. Tom's are two chains of oyster bars. Virtually identical menus because Tom used to be a manager of a Capt. Benny's. Recipes for gumbo, stuffed crab, etc., however, are different.

    I couldn't find a website for Tom's but they're on Yelp.

    I ate at a Capt. Benny's last week. Oysters of the half shell were $8.99. I have only been to a Tom's once. My go to is the Capt. Benny's on S. Main in the Reliant Stadium area, also close to the Texas Medical Center. Much of the seating in these places is at the bar and your shucker will be right in front of you. Overall seating is limited and sometimes there's a wait.

    There are many other seafood restaurants that serve oysters on the half shell, some very upscale, of course. Also most Ostionerias, Mexican seafood restaurants, have oyster bars although a little bit of Spanish might be a good idea.

    That will give you some options but Houston is very spread out. If you want to tell us what part of town you'll be in we could probably help you find some places in the neighborhood.

    1. If you are here on a Monday night, hit Danton's for 1/2 price raw oysters in their oyster bar beginning at 4 p.m.($5.50/doz) It's fancier than Acme, but the price is half as fancy. Are you looking for grilled or raw?

      1. This was published just yesterday on the Chron's restaurant site:

        Mostly about grilled and fried it seems but some mentions of raw in the article and comments that may help.

        1. How about Joyce's Oyster Resort on Woodway at San Felipe? Anyone ever have the oysters there?

          It's two blocks from my office and while we occasionally have lunch there, I've never had their raw oysters. Anyone?

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            I think it's called Joyce's Seafood and Steaks now. The thing about oysters, they're kinda like BBQ, good one week and not so the next. Oysters come from different bays along the coast, some years the boats will congreate at one bay or another, I always ask the shucker where they come from. I've found Matagorda Bay oysters to be the best. After all this, the single worst oyster I've ever had was at Joyce's, a spit out hope I don't get sick kind. I think it was an abberation, I would gladly knock back 36 tomorrow.


            1. re: James Cristinian

              I actually went Friday evening and had a dozen. they were cold, briny and HUUUUGE.

              I almost asked for steak knife.

              I didn't ask where they were from however.

              1. re: DoobieWah

                I love monster oysters, but many say they like the small ones, not me, the bigger the better, and briny yes. I once got into a protracted argument with some poster saying Galveston Bay oysters, where Joyce's are probably from, were way too salty. I've never met an oyster that was too large or salty. The good news is that as the water cools, the oysters will get bigger and better, January-March are prime. Long love the oyster, Christmas it's oysters for an appetizer and ham later. The oysters will be from Louisiana Foods on W. 12th.

          2. Got an email from Pappadeaux's advertising $5.95/dz on Monday through Thursday.

            I've had them there many times, (a couple of years ago they were selling them for $3.95/dz), and they are usually pretty good.

            Lately, I've had some of their Blue Points, but these are advertised as "Texas Gulf Coast".

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            1. re: DoobieWah

              Went by the Pappadeaux's in front of Phoenicia on Westheimer last night and split a dozen on the way to dinner.

              Very good. I'll be doing it often.

              1. re: DoobieWah

                Doobs, how much were those oysters, just curious? I picked up two pounds raw at Louisiana Foods plus some fried catfish which was a big hit at work and leftovers will be had this weekend with the wifeacita. The oysters are for Christmas Day, some wrapped in bacon and broiled, the rest my replication of Benno's Galveston cajun oysters. Very simple, half olive oil and butter, oysters dredged in flour plus cajun seasoning, quickly sauteed, every batch is a bit full of darkened goodness than the previous.

                  1. re: DoobieWah

                    That is a very fair price. The oysters Baton Rogue are also excellent, cooked in a parmesan romano cheese sauce.