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Flavored finishing salts as gifts

I'm thinking of putting together little gift baskets that include homemade flavored finishing salts. What ideas do you have of combinations that I could make at home? Would you use sea salt? Kosher salt? Thanks for your ideas!

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  1. You can make them from any herb combo you like. Start out with equal parts herbs and course sea salt. Pulse in a food processor til all nice and blended til its like kosher salt texture. Add in double the amount of fine sea salt and combine well. Jar and give as lovely gifts.

    Example... half cup mixed thyme, rosemary and dried lemon zest, half cup course sea salt. Then after combining add one cup fine sea salt or kosher if you prefer.

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      Thanks so much for explaining that so well! Have you ever made salt with curry powder or smoked paprika? I'm looking forward to trying it!

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        I haven't tried either but they both sound good. I can picture eating curry salt dusted boiled eggs and oven braised pork with smoked paprika salt. I tend to make the herb and citrus based salts although I am thinking of trying dried vinegar powder salt to dust on fries boiled taters and popcorn or homemade chips

    2. This is a great idea! What other herb flavors would you recomend?

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        Are you asking me? I can chime in

      2. One of my favourites is rosemary, orange and lemon zest. Just zest the citrus, allow it to dry, add to salt along with dried rosemary leaves.

        I love vanilla bean salt, too. Man, I have so many recipes for finishing salt blends I don't even know where to begin!

        1. subbing! this sounds great,

          I am making homemade "nutella" and spicy mustards for gifts this yeat. I think salts would be a great addition!

          1. I have used both kosher and sea salt with good results. Last year I made lavender salt and this year will make macha salt!
            I also like to make basil salt using fresh basil (more of a summer activity): pulse coarse/kosher/sea salt in a food processor with a bunch of fresh basil leaves; spread the resulting paste out thinly on foil or parchment paper the bake in a low (~250F) oven till dry, then crush up.

            1. If you ever find you have tons of celery leaves on hand, make celery salt. Just dry the leaves in the oven, crumble and add salt. Far, far better than commercial.

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                That is the first one i ever saw made from scratch. It was on TV and the green was so vibrant I had to try it. Great stuff

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                  That's a really great idea. I'll have to start collecting celery leaves!

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                    Sounds good. If you like celery and celery salt, you should grow lovage -- the herb. I use lovage leaves and flowers and stalks to make lovage salt and it's fantastic. Some will be holiday gifts this year.

                  2. Here are a couple of recipes we tested and developed last year, maybe one of them will work!


                    Christine Gallary, CHOW Test Kitchen

                    1. Okay, I made my first batch today with rosemary and dried onions. I followed suzigirl's great directions, and I think it turned out quite good! The next batch will be garlic and Italian herbs. I found very cute little square four ounce jars - now just need to make the labels and get some ribbon. Thank you all for your inspiration!

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                        I am so glad I could be of some help. The salt that you made sounds great. I really would love to get some finishing salt for a gift. That is right up my alley as far as gifts go. And I think I can speak for the posters here and say thanks for reporting back. We love to hear back on our advice and know if it went well

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                          Here's what it looks like, sans label and ribbon.

                      2. You have inspired me to try to make smoked sea salt. I think that would be tasty. Now I have to figure out the salt to liquid smoke ratio. Thanks for the inspiration

                          1. For a finishing salt make sure the salt has the texture you want. For finishing I want the flavor and the crunch. I would use finer textured blends for seasoning during cooking

                            1. I made sriracha lime salt, whiskey vanilla, and limoncello this year for gifts in gift baskets. The salt was a big hit with the guys wanting to perk up scrambled eggs and chicken and fish.

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                                That salt screams bloody mary to me. I may have to try that.