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Dec 2, 2012 01:34 PM

What happened to Highlands Kitchen (Edmonton)?

I was last visiting Edmonton for Thanksgiving weekend and was really pleased to have tried Highlands Kitchen at that time. Loved the food and the atmosphere. I was looking forward to another round of brunch for my visit this weekend, but have discovered it closed and replaced by Creole Envie. Sounds like it closed in October not long after Thanksgiving, but at the time there wasn't any indication. Does anyone know what happened? Will they be opening a new place? Is Creole Envie affiliated?

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  1. Was sold last January. New owners were supposed to keep it the same (or similar) but I guess they decided to sell to Creole Envie instead?

    1. Highlands Kitchen sold to Creole Envie. HK will not be opening a new place, as far as I know (sold for health reasons). The switch was made the third week of October. Creole Envie isn't affliliated.