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Hamburger Press?

My husband says he wants a hamburger press. Are they useful, or useless? If anyone thinks they are useful and has a brand to recommend I would appreciate it.


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  1. To form raw meat into patties or to put on top of the patty while cooking?

    If the former, a wide mouth canning ring works fine. If the latter idk.

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      Hi, thanks. It is for forming the patty.

    2. We have this: http://www.amazon.com/Charcoal-Compan... and it is the best thing to happen to my burgers. They come out juicy and perfect every time.

      1. Our hubbies must be brothers :-) Due to popular pressure I finally bought a couple but never liked them. Finally found the Progressive one and have been happily using it since. I don't often use little bump-maker insert.

        btw, I cut squares of parchment paper to go below/above the burger prior to "squeezing" so there's much less fuss and direct handling of raw patties afterward. I tried using round parchment shapes, thinking that it might work better, but I found out that they're much more likely to be cooked with the hamburger when one isn't quite paying attention -- ooops!


          1. I never press hamburger. You can get uniform looking burgers, but you press out the air and have a dense burger that does not cook or grill up as well. A lightly patted burger will have more juice and flavor.

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              This. One of the main ideas in making good burgers is to handle the meat as lightly as possible. A press is not only not needed, it's actually detrimental to a great burger.

              Here's a link to really excellent article on burger shaping. In fact, all of the Serious Eats Burger Lab articles are good, and will help make your husband a world class burger chef.


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                Excellent! I kind of though they were unnecessary, but now I have proof!

                Thank you!

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                  Another case of 'the way you like it isn't as good as the way I like it.'

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                  definitely! I have a square press, as I like burgers on toast, and I really wanted to like the thing, but now I know why burgers I formed by hand, come so much better

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                    AND, hand forming them creates the little nooks and crannies for garlic butter to settle into when I baste them after taking them off the grill!

                  2. we have one from tupperware which I use primarily because I don't like the feeling left on my hands by the beef fat. Usually I'm making a quantity of burgers for a party, for one or two I do it by hand. I try to be sure not to squish them too much, DH says it makes them too thin for the grill. The thing I like about the tupperware press is that it goes in the dishwasher and cleans up nicely.

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                      I have a Tupperware one, too. It just a ring and disc with a handle. I use it for thick and thin ones and I don't press too hard so I avoid damaging the meat. I use it so the patties are close to bun size so friends don't complain about bread hanging over the edge. (I generally prefer no bun, myself.)

                    2. I've never wanted one. I just shape each patty by hand using a short, stiff turner. I measure by eye, but if you want more consistency, use a scale.

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                        Or an ice cream scoop. Two scoops makes a nicely sized patty.