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Dec 2, 2012 12:59 PM

Moxies Richmond Hill - Terrible Food and service

After staying away from chain resto`s ,we decided to go to Moxies in Ricmond Hill last night

Never Again -
The room was very well decorated and and the wait staff looked fantastic - but that was the only positive
shrimp cocktail -- Tiny little shrimp drowning in oil and served with a few slices of thinly sliced stale bread - very underwelming ,,,,,,
We ordered three Asian chicken Salads -- One came with chicken breast chunks and the other two no chicken at all - Salad very basic and drowned in dressing - Disgusting
I ordered fish Tacos - 3 limp tacos with some heavy mayo based coleslaw and a cold piece of deep fried fish with heavy oily batter - seved with a side salad which was the only decent offering

Waiter was very obnoxius from the get go , but got very rude after we spoke to the manager about the food (?) and he comped the two salads . after that , he totally ignored us and sent a bus boy to process our visa payment
We left a good tip to the very surprised and grateful bus boy who treated us better than the waiter

I am surprised that a restaurant that looks so good , has not paid any attention to the food experience and trained the staff to embrace the customers and ensure that they have a pleasant experience - I will never return there

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    1. re: disgusti

      Could you expand on your answer? Other than saying its a chain, have you had a negative experience? And if you have, can you tell us about it please.

      1. They used to be sooooo good, I loved the carbonara pasta there, back then I think the only location was at Fairview Mall.

        Then they expanded, went all upscale, and the food became nasty.

        Last time I went, our appetizer was brought out at the end of the meal,(the meal itself was not very good) we haven't been back.

        1. I went once to the Richmond Hill location for lunch. We just had sandwiches, which were so forgettable I can't even remember what we had. The servers were very beautiful, but not really attentive; we had to wait at least 15 minutes for our bill after we asked for it. I remember that because both my friend and I had worked as waiters while in college, and we remarked on it.

          Joanne Kates, so roundly dissed here, used to complain that if you weren't skinny and dressed in black, you were practically ignored at some Toronto restaurants. It seems to be a wide spread phenomenon.