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Dec 2, 2012 12:59 PM

Restaurants open Christmas Day in DC

My husband and I have just made an almost-last-minute plan to drive into DC on Christmas Day and spend the night, just us. We are in the hospitality business ourselves and usually open but this year we are closing for about a week around Christmas Day. We just want to do some tourist-y things - check out the Christmas tree, walk around the mall, and we're fine with not going inside most of the attractions. We are wondering about where to eat dinner, and we'll be staying near Dupont Circle. We're not really interested in a big dress-up, prix fixe, multi-course meal, and we don't mind eating early in the evening. We like almost any ethnic foods and we will be able to find a Chinese restaurant open somewhere, I'm sure, but I wondered if any Chowhounds had any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. This is hard because I am always home in Ohio and never had to think about it.! Here is a link from Open Table:

    With that being said, you HAVE to see the US Botanic Garden. It's up by the Capitol(which has its own tree worth seeing) and it looks like it's open. Not only is the regular garden stunning but for Christmas they also have all the major monuments and buildings in organic miniatures as well as an amazing Christmas village/train room they do for Christmas every year.

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      Thank you - I have checked the opentable list and there are some possibilities there. I had read that the Botanic Garden would be open and would be worth seeing that day. We are looking forward to it.

      If anyone knows any neighborhood places around Dupont Circle that would be open (I notice quite a few don't have websites and/or aren't on opentable) I would appreciate the input.

    2. Bistrot du Coin will be open. it is jsut north of the Dupont Circle metro stop (north exit).

      1. When I'm in DC on Christmas Day I go to Sichuan Pavilion for dinner. It's a short walk or cab ride from Dupont Circle and I personally think they have the best Chinese food in the city (without having to go to the burbs). They are VERY busy on Christmas Day though so you might want to make a reservation.

        I think the Bistro Du Coin idea might be a fun one---you won't have to get dressed up and you can dine on classic french bistro cuisine.

        Corduroy also appears to be open and will provide you with a wonderful meal---more on the higher end compared to the other two places I suggested.