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Dec 2, 2012 12:56 PM

Grocery Outlet, December 2012

Finca la Celia 2010 "Angaro" Mendoza 50-50 Torrontes-Chenin Blanc blend, $2.99 at Berkeley. Fresh, fruity, dry, reminiscent of Muscat. Best wine I've purchased for under $7 in a while.

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  1. Found Organic cream cheese at Fremont GO for 5.99.
    It is 3 lb block. Should be great for holidays. I already made some no-bake cheesecake with it.

    Organic sour cream 1.99
    Solis Honey bran cake 2.99, nicely browned cake, loved the taste.
    Solis scones 1.99

    Many Amy's frozen entrees and pizza.

    1. There are coupons for this week, including one for $1 off a pound of Tillamook butter.

      1. Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino ice cream, $1.99/pint

        1. $5.99/750 ml Baja California olive oil made from traditional Spanish olive varieties. Smooth and buttery, tasting more like a Spanish oil than a Tuscan one.