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Dec 2, 2012 12:22 PM

Do you love Strip T's cauliflower? Then...

you will love Five Horses' brussel sprouts appetizer! A shining star in an otherwise forgettable meal, Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square has this braised brussel sprout/apple/mushroom/pork belly concoction on their menu that completely blew me away. Something about the charring of the edges of the brussel sprouts and the unctuousness of dish on the whole gave me the same blissful satisfaction as Strip T's cauliflower, which I would eat daily if I could.

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  1. since the rest of the food was forgettable, sounds like it might make a good take- out option. We'll have to do that, so thx!

    1. What else did you try? I want to like 4 horsies but the menu hasn't inspired me. My one visit didn't inspire me to go back either.

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        We had a few tacos (meh), veggie burger (mushy and bland), and the crab cake sandwich (so-so). On other visits, I've had a pretty good burger and their tater tots are delicious. The brussel sprouts were such a standout that I had to post. Their beer menu is pretty good too. I'm not opposed to a meal of beer, tater tots and brussel sprouts.

        We ended up there because we were on foot with 2 kids and couldn't stay at Highland Kitchen due to an hour wait. I haven't been wowed by anything else there either, but I'm telling you-- these brussel sprouts could make them famous.

      2. I had dinner at Five Horse's recently and every single item tasted like a novice cook trying out a new dish from a cookbook. Nothing was gross, but not a single thing was cooked properly and it was nowhere near delicious. I suspect probably there's something worth eating on the menu, but I won't be back to find out. It was too pricey to be so thoroughly mediocre.