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Dec 2, 2012 11:43 AM

Your favorite mincemeat uses - sweet or savory?

I have two jars (27 oz.) Of Nonesuch Mincemeat, and don't know what I want to do with each of them.
Last winter, I made a delicious chicken dish with mincemeat, and that's a possibility ..but I wonder what my fellow Chowhounders suggest.
There are plenty of recipes online, but what do you like best?

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    1. Whoa! Chicken with mincemeat? Tell me more. I've never thought of mincemeat as a savory.

      I should add that I'm looking for opportunities to scare my brother with mincemeat.

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      1. re: sr44

        I found it!
        I had no idea what recipe it was, so I Googled it.
        Look for Rachel Ray's "Chicken Curry in a Hurry". I can post a link when I'm back on my computer, if you like.
        It was very good, and with all of the mincemeat I have, I may as well make up a batch of it.

        1. re: jmcarthur8

          My brother will never suspect... And mincemeat tarts for dessert. Who says sibling rivalry is over?

      2. I preserve Green Tomato MIncemeat (no meat, just apple, tomatoes, dried fruit, and spices) and I totally love to use it as a substitute for dates in Date Squares, aka Matrimonial Cake:

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        1. re: applgrl

          This Matrimonial Cake is very similar to an oatmeal and jam bar cookie that I've been making for years. Coincidentally, the cookies are called English Matrimonials. I've never thought to put mincemeat in the center instead of jam.
          I think it sounds interesting!

        2. The topic re: "Mincemeat" caught my eye, just because it was one of my late mother's favorites. One recipe for Mincemeat Pie that I googled (but have not tried) reminded me that for some folks, "Christmas would not be Christmas without Mincemeat Pie." So you can get in on that apparent British tradition shortly.

          1. Mincemeat tarts!

            A lot of years ago, I was an American kid backpacking through Wales, a couple of weeks before Christmas. At one of the bed and breakfasts where I stayed, the sweet little old lady who owned it called me into the kitchen, where she had just baked a pan of them. She said that for every mince tart I ate at Christmas, I would have a month without tears in the new year. I think I came close to insuring a tear-free year during my stay there. Eating them still makes me think of that.