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Dec 2, 2012 11:14 AM

oceanos (fair lawn) or varka (ramsey) for dinner? (or other suggestions)

planning a dinner for my birthday and would like to do it in bergen county. seems that oceanos and varka get good reviews (though pricey). any other possibilities that are cheaper and if not, which is preferable?

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  1. Of the two, I would give the nod to Varka.....but if you are looking for a more reasonable alternative, you can consider Oceanos' Sister Restaurant......Taverna Mykonos in Elmwood Park.

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      I had a very nice (first) dinner at Taverna Mykonos last week. A trio of spreads (taromasalata, skordalia, and tzatziki) accompanied by grilled pita, grilled octopus first course, and a sea bass main course. All were very good, especially the octopus. The wine specials of the day (a greek white and a greek red) were a little underwhelming, but the service and room management were great, the room is attractive, and even the music was nice. Definitely recommended. And an easy hop from the Paramus Mall.

    2. Axia in Tenafly is stunning, and a much better choice for a special occasion IMO that those aforementioned.

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        St eves in hohokus has a great selection of new seasonal dishes although it is a Byob. If you want a more party like atmosphere bottarga in hawthorne has a great specials lineup every night and has more of a party atmosphere. Their regular menu is fine too by not really exciting as its laced with many old school red sauce staples. But every night they have at least 10 specials which are recited by the waiters nightly are really great dishes.