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Burger King original whopper

Just heard a commercial for Burger King 50th celebration- buy one whopper and for 55 cents get an "original" whopper.If it is original,does that mean the whopper has changed,and the one you get has been in storage for fifty years?

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  1. It means you don't get to buy a Junior, Double, Triple, Angry or Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper for 55ยข

    Cheese is extra on a Whopper.

    1. okay...I'll bite.....how about the bonus is for a no cheese, original price whopper.

      1. They say "original" whopper because they are promoting the two new whoppers... the Wisconsin white cheddar and the angry whopper.

        1. At any rate, it is a good deal. I'm having BK original whoppers for dinner December 6th through 9th.

          Oh, and by the way, it's 55 years. 1971.

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            What's with the 1971? That is only 41. Wikipedia says they opened in Jacksonville FL in 1953 as Insta-Burger King. That makes them almost sixty. Confusing. Oh well, go get your cheap burger on guys. :-)

            1. re: suzigirl

              Heh, I didn't even do the math in my head. I do remember my mother loving the Whopper circa 1971. It came in a cellophane wrapper.

              1. re: GraydonCarter

                It takes two hands to handle a whopper, the two fisted burger from Burger King....
                1971 when I was finishing high school..............................

              2. re: suzigirl

                The Whopper was introduced in 1957. 1957 + 55 + 2012

            2. Ever since I've gotten that "liquid smoke" taste from a BK Whopper, I haven't had the urge to go back.

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                Same here. Last time I ate at BK (about 10 years ago), I was burping fake smoke taste the rest of the day. No thanks.

              2. So let's see if I got this correct, you get to buy the first whopper for full price, then get an old school whopper for $.55. I'm not sure I see a great deal here as the first whopper isn't worth the full price to begin with.

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                1. re: treb

                  So you return the first one for a refund and tell them you liked the "original" one better.

                  1. re: treb

                    plus pay full price for the drink and fries vs. the combo discount.

                  2. Does that means it comes with real ground beef, no high fructose corn syrup, no chemicals and no transfats? If not, then it's not the original.

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                    1. re: Vidute

                      I assure you, beef has always contained trans fat.

                      1. re: ratbuddy

                        I should have stated man-made transfats: partially hydrogenated oil or hydrogenated oil

                    2. I would prefer the promotion to be ..one original for Whopper for .55 cents.

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                      1. re: rochfood

                        Pinch yourself and wake up from your dream!

                      2. Back in the early and mid seventies it was a real treat for us to go to Burger King. It was the closest fast food restaurant to our house at about 45 miles, one way. My older brother was a big high school football player and I can remember him demolishing three whoppers in one sitting.

                        Plus which, they had those crowns, sweet!

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                        1. re: kengk

                          Wow..is your family name "Ingalls" ?

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                            It got a lot easier to get our Whopper on about 1985 when we traded the ox cart for a Ford.

                            It's still six miles to the nearest fast food (McDonalds) and thirty miles to the nearest Walmart. I like it. A lot.