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Dec 2, 2012 10:59 AM

Mirakutei or Hokusei?

Traveling to portland on dec 11th. Looking for best sushi. I have narrowed it down to these 2 ( I think)

Before you answer, I don't eat any rolls or cooked stuff. I am looking for the best Nigiri. For example, my favorite is red snapper (tai) with yuzukosho, shiso and sea salt. I love all fish, the more variety, the better.

I don't care about atmosphere or price, just best nigiri.

Please offer opinions.


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  1. Mirakutei's selection is limited, but very, very good. Hokusei is only worthwhile if you pull up to the counter and do omakase. Personally, I think you should try both and get back to us ;-)

    I like them both, but have only ordered off the menu at Mirakutei (not even sure if they offer omakase) and loved the omakase at Hokusei, but found their ala carte sushi disappointing.

    I find myself going to Mirakutei more frequently than Hokusei because it get pricey to do omakase for every sushi meal!

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    1. re: pleen

      Thanks for the reply. I'm only staying one night on business, so I will only be trying one. Both sound good...

      I always sit at the bar, I usually ask for a nigiri only omakase.

      1. re: rockitogden

        Then go for omakase at Hokusei...but promise to come back for Mirakutei.

      2. re: pleen

        If you do your nigiri ordering off the specials menu at Hokusei, you'll generally have much better luck. The omakase is usually a mix of specials and menu.

        Worth noting too is that the service is much better at Hokusei if you sit at the counter.

      3. No question, Hokusei. Sit at the bar, ask what's good/special and let them take care of you.

          1. So sad , looks like Hokusei is closed on Tuesdays, which is the only night I will be in town :(...

            Any thoughts on Mirakutei?

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                1. re: rockitogden

                  I like Murata, and it is a very traditional sushi place, and they do very good smoked salmon and awesome cooked salmon collar, but overall for a sushi meal, I think I'd prefer Bamboo or Mirakutei.

                  Bamboo's prices are a bit higher, but they only do sustainable (as graded by Monterey Bay Aquarium) sushi, so I am guessing it might cost them more to source various things. I prefer the atmosphere of Bamboo by a mile (east side, I've not been to the recetly opened west side location) to Mirakutei. I haven't been to Boxer yet, but I have heard good things.

                  Don't know about Mirakutei's sake list, but Bamboo has some great choices...

                  1. re: JillO

                    I'm inclined to go to Mirakutei, just wondering if it is more a ramen place than sushi.

                    Thanks for the input.

                    1. re: rockitogden

                      If you do go to Mirakutei, pay attention to the part of the menu that has the "modern" or special plates - there are some serious sashimi and other gems there.

            1. Hokusei is way better. A little more pricey but excellent quality.