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Dec 2, 2012 09:16 AM

Family Dinner in West Village

I'm looking for reccos to host a family dinner of about 15 people in the west village. Reasonably priced,American or Italian food, accepts reservations for groups and a lively atmosphere. Originally I had considered Otto, but I feel like that place has more tourists than locals on weekends. Same with Morandi.

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  1. What about Crispo? Lively atmosphere indeed (and actually, pretty loud a lot of the time).

    1. I went to Barbuto on Washington for a group dinner in their semi-private room with about 15 people and I believe they offered a prix fixe deal. I'm not sure how reasonable Barbuto's prix fixe is, but it's worth checking out as it hits all the other marks you mentioned.

      1. You might want to reconsider Otto. We went there yesterday and had a fabulous meal. The crowd looked like mostly locals. You can expect to find tourists in so many places but then again it's NYC, a tourist destination. Otto is definitely NOT a "tourist trap."
        Prices were reasonable I.M.H.O..

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          I agree that Otto is not a tourist trap. I don't think Morandi is either. Actually when I eat at these or any other places I never ask where the people are from. Another rec would be 5points on Great Jones, i had a group of 12 there and the food was good.

        2. Have you looked into L'Artusi? They have an upstairs area and might be able to accommodate your group if you call ahead- prices are similar to Morandi. I agree that Otto is not a tourist trap, NYers go there all the time.

          1. Not sure what your price is, but just planned a similar dinner and Otto was one of the cheapest options I found, so if budgets an issue, it's probably the way to go. We ended up at Rubirosa, which was the only other option in the same price range. The management there was super-accommodating and the food was both excellent and abundant, but know you're not looking at Nolita.