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Help me spice up a boring potluck party

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It's time for our holiday party (a small international non-profit--think overworked harried humanitarians). It is semi-catered by a terrible place, but that is not something in my power to change. This year several of us are bring appetizers. No known allergy issues. No place to reheat and because of the timing, any hot dish would be room temp at serving time.

So, any suggestions on cold or room temp interesting dishes? I know several colleagues enjoy Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese cooking (as do I).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Thai spring rolls, satay with peanut sauce, hummus/baba ghanouj and pita (obviously not one of the named types, but easy to make and transport).

    1. spring rolls, wrapped in rice paper, are fine at room temp, so are chicken/beef satay.

      salad of julienned carrots, daikon and cukes in a rice vinegar dressing.

      1. I was also going to suggest spring rolls. Also, larb can be served room-temp. It can be messy, but maybe make little lettuce rolls for a party situation?


        1. Could you do little mini-banh mi sandwiches?

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          1. Thanks for the suggestions!

            1. How about a choux pastry filled with some cream combination fillings which can be served cold? I am thinking about a smoked salmon filling, cold fillings such as chicken salad. Scandanavian inspired cold entrees as a suggestion.

              1. Is there somewhere to plug in a crockpot? If so options expand. Little meatballs always are popular at our office parties.

                1. Fizzy pink wine. Always perks things up!

                  Okay, and if that doesn't work, I'd find a great bakery and bring several baguettes with a homemade herb butter. Good bread can make up for ho-hum meals.

                  1. Off topic from the desired nationalities, but you could try Lebanese food - you know, Mediterranean. Room temperature, delicious, interesting. Veggies with hummous and pita triangles, tabbouleh, fatayeh, salads -- blackeyed peas, artichoke hearts, etc.