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Dec 2, 2012 08:39 AM

authentic non-Americanized Thai food in the east bay?

I haven’t found a particularly recent thread on this topic and was wondering about Thai food options in the east bay. We used to go to Ruan Pair quite a bit and usually liked the food. We like Lers Ros but don’t like the schlep across the bridge. What are the best options for authentic non-Americanized Thai food in and around the east bay?

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  1. Your Place on University at Acton?

    1. You might try Chai Thai Noodles in Oakland or looking at some of the Thai/Lao places, like Green Papaya Deli or Champa Garden.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Second on Chai Thai. The chef used to work at Thai House Express and the menu's almost identical. Might have gone downhill in the past year.

        Soi 4.

        I like the Lao dishes at Champa Garden but the Thai dishes are too Americanized for my taste.

      2. Vientiane in Oakland? Oops, may be more Lao.

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        1. re: Stephanie Wong

          Sabuy Sabuy II on San Pablo Ave. Ask Bert (owner) or Cocoa (his son) to put together a menu for you - tell them what you like, don't like, and you will end up a great meal. (This is for dinner time only)

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            We had been to Sabuy Sabuy II previously and liked but we had forgotten about it. We took the advice of lmnopm and went to Sabuy Sabuy II last night and had the chef bring us his choice. It was excellent. The food was authentic tasting and bursting with bold Thai flavors. The spice level was perfect for us. We told the chef we like spicy food.

            Here is what we ate:

            Kind of a Thai surf clam ceviche. The sweet morsels of clam were served in a clam shell on top of vermicelli. One of the most memorable things I have eaten all year. Redolent of kefir lime and lemongrass which paired perfectly with the sweet clam. Out of this world delicious!!!

            fried Duck spring rolls. I have to admit I am not the biggest eggroll fan. But these were not your typical spring rolls. Flavorful and non greasy. Very good to excellent.

            Calamari salad. Sweet spicy savory sauce, lots of garlic, crunchy calamari tentacles. Delicious.

            Tom Ka Gai. A warm and comforting version. Was made with trumpet or oyster mushrooms which were creamy and elevated the dish. Excellent.

            Grilled Yellowtail with spicy relish. Excellent. My only criticism is that it could have been a tad bit more rare but it was excellent nonetheless.

            Strawberry ginger lemon sorbet and pumpkin ice-cream. The sorbet was bursting with satisfying strawberry and citrus flavor and the pumpkin was creamy and delicious.

            We will definitely be back soon and have the chef’s choice.

            1. re: Ridge

              Sabuy Sabuy "Bert" is Awesome!

              I wish he spent more time over at the Rockridge Branch.

              It was fantastic when it was his only restaurant and he was there every nite.

              I still think about his sublime buffet he had where all the proceeds went to the 9-11 victims families.

              A great chef and a really super nice person.

        2. I think we need to make a movement asking restaurant owners to just make it thai style, don't ask me "how hot". That being said, I don't know any authentic thai in the east bay, so sorry.

          1. Neecha Thai in the Grand Lake area of Oakland is my favorite Thai in the East Bay. The vegetarian options, in particular, are awesome. It is all authentic recipes from the proprietor's late grandmother.