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Dec 2, 2012 08:27 AM

Where to buy sorghum or sorghum flour in Montreal

Hi all!

I am looking for a place to buy *affordable* sorghum or sorghum flour in Montreal for gluten-free baking. I have bought Bob's Red Mill before, but I find it expensive for the amount you get. I have a grain mill, so ideally I am looking to buy the grain in bulk.

Has anyone found somewhere in Montreal for this? Your input would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. What kind of quantity are you looking for? Most GF flours are expensive if you are only buying small quantities however some suppliers like Farinex or El Peto have industrial size quantities at more reasonable prices.

    1. It is available in most bigger Indian stores as a flour. It is called jowar or jolada atta (jowar or jolada meaning sorghum, atta meaning flour- do not confuse it with regular atta which is from wheat).

      Its use is widespread in Maharashtria and Karnataka, but not a lot of other places, which means if the store is run by, for example, Punjabis or Sri Lankans, they may not even know what it is (even if they carry it) so it is best to scour the flour shelves yourself before asking for help....

      I have bought it in the last year or so at Marché Victoria Oriental (on Victoria between the two metro exits), Marché Thurga (Jean-Talon one street west of Parc) and Marché Murugan (Belanger and Louis-Hebert). It is usually very inexpensive, comparable in price to a bag of all purpose flour.

      1. I have purchased many bulk ingredients (i.e. flours) for GF baking at Frenco on St. Laurent. But I don't know if they carry the grains or if their products are free of trace amounts of gluten. Probably best to call them.