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Dec 2, 2012 08:24 AM

Dinner at Maple Yip

Here are my findings from the recent trip here
From the outside the place doesn't look like much and is located at the back of a nameless/faceless shopping area. As I walked in I saw a mini lineup of sorts (always a good sign) of people waiting to be seated. Once inside one is hit with the noise associated for these kind of restaurants. I spotted my group in a corner and and grabbed a seat.
Since we had pre-ordered we didn't need to go over the menu and waited for the food to arrive.
1) Pork with lotus root and broth. I didn't try this dish but the fellow diners commented the sweet finish was nice on the root vegetables. The broth didn't look appetizing though as it was quite murky.
2) A vegetable medley with melon and broccoli. A vegetarian dish that I enjoyed. There were 3 kind of mushrooms/fungi i.e shitake, Wood ear and bamboo pith (I think) The presentation was nice as the top was covered with a melon. The server carved the dish for us which is a nice touch. I had similar non vegetarian versions of this dish before (with scallops) and this one was done well.
3) Steamed oysters done two ways (black bean and garlic). Visually appealing but nothing to write to home about.These are full sized oysters so the meat is not delicate and the duo of sauces covers this inherent flaw for this dish.
4) Chicken with seafood stuffing. This item needs to be ordered in advance. A very interesting dish as the skin and bones were perfectly separated from the meat and then stuffed with shrimp paste and then put back on. The taste reminded me of one of my favorite items for dim sum (stuffed crab claws). There was red dipping sauce as well. Highlight of the menu IMO.
5) Steamed grouper with soy, scallions and ginger. A standard dish which is used as yardstick to assess the steam cooking abilities of a chef. This dish was overcooked IMO.
6) Crab with egg whites. The legs were coated lightly with batter and then fried. The main shell was stuffed with a scrabbled egg white and crab meat. Beautiful presentation again. Taste was very subtle and I think this dish could have come from any region. A good item to order if you like crab and don't enjoy it with any sauces. There was red wine vinegar on the side if you are inclined to use a sauce (I would advise against it as it takes away from the taste)
7) Duck filled with treasures. A stewed version of duck stuffed with lotus seeds. Most of the meat was thankfully de-boned. I did not enjoy this dish as apart from the texture it was devoid of taste.
8) Dessert was soup with sesame seed paste stuffed in rice. Meh.
I didn't try the pork belly and rice dish, fellow diners really liked the pork belly.
Service was inconsistent as the servers kept bringing us dishes that we didn't order. To be fair it was busy Saturday but if we were not vigilant I would hate to be one of the folks on the other tables who didn't get their dishes.
We got a good value for money on this meal as it was within budget. There was one dish that really stood out. 3 Stars all said and done.

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  1. Great post thank you, I love that place. Their whole steamed fish are amazing, and I've had live shrimp there too that had that super fresh squeaky dense texture similar to lobster.

    1. Enjoyed reading your posting. Too bad about the steamed grouper. That's usually a highlight for me! Maple Yip has proven to me to be one of the most consistent Cantonese restaurant in the GTA. My rating would still be 5 stars (using the same Yelp standard of star rating) based on my own experiences.

      1. Nice photos and descriptions, just FYI the broth starter probably was on the house and they are almost always "murky"; I've never had a clear one. But I don't blame you - my Caucasian partner also finds them unappetizing.

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        1. re: Teep

          Thanks for the info as I was wondering why would someone pay for this murky stuff.

          1. re: Teep

            The murkier means more time brewing the soup resulting in a more condense and tastier product! For a soup using 'root vegetables' as ingredient. If they give you a clear product, then I would be upset! You should have given it a try elviisahmed. One of my favourite Chinese soup especially if they added some sun-dried octopus to kick it up a notch!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Thanks Charles I was told they had some pork in the soup (I don't eat pork) so I skipped it.
              Otherwise I would pretty much try anything else under the sun.

              1. re: elvisahmed

                Same soup version but using 'Beef Shank' instead of pork s even tastier!! Guess nowadays, ALL restaurant would like to cut cost!!