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Dec 2, 2012 07:44 AM

freezable family dinner ideas

So my brother and sister-in-law who live out of town just gave birth to their youngest and we're going to visit them in a few days. They don't cook; I cook a lot. As a favour to them (what with a newborn and a two-year-old), I'd like to make a week or two worth of freezable meals for them.

I need ideas or suggestions for things that take well to freezing and only require reheating and/or oven time. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking a whack-load of bolognaise, braised spare ribs (hell, anything braised), meat pies, etc.

Got a couple days to plan this thing- suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!

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  1. lasagne
    beef stew

    1. Soups like Butternut Squash or Roasted Cauliflower
      Taco Meat
      Shepherd's Pie (w/ Lamb)

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        agree with all of the above and would add pulled pork, cabbage rolls and chicken/turkey pot pies to the list.


        A friend of mine made these for her family and they lasted maybe 2 days.....

        1. Hmm. Do cooked potatoes, chick peas or other legumes & pulses (as you'd find in a stew, fox example) freeze well? For some reason I'm not sure...

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            Chick peas and lentils freeze fine, in soup or just in their cooking liquid. Potatoes in soup or stew get very soggy, almost like wet cotton balls. I know some people who say mashed potatoes freeze okay, but I've never tried.

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              Think it depends on the type of potato? I imagine a baking potato would disintegrate into nothing, but a waxier, more solid version might do better.

          2. Also, what about classical sauces- obviously not stuff like a hollandaise, but what about a cheese sauce for (proper) Mac & cheese?

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              I did mac and cheese (along with many of the suggestions in this thread,) for friends that had a baby and made it extra saucy so it wouldn't be dry when they took it out of the oven. They said it was great.