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Dec 2, 2012 07:09 AM

Recipe To Riches My Head's going to explode

This 'food' show has got to be the most ludicrous ever to be shown on TV.
Someone thinks they have basically a 'fast food' that 'What's his name's billion dollar food company will want to mass produce. The 'winner' gets 250,000 bucks. The competitors prepare their item for some obscure judges. No problem so far. Them by some strange logic the few remaining competitors must 'batch up' making dozens of their items with the help of some obscure chefs and helpers. What's the point of that? Then the competitors must 'batch up' their item for say 500 people! Now the competitor who started out making a dozen 'Cheery Cherry cones' at home must show they are 'event planners'. Where did that brilliant idea come from? Mr. What's his name's food company gets a TON of advertising and the poor saps who had delicious home recipes but had zero experience with 'batching up' and 'event planning' go home and the most 'photogenic' contestant gets to be displayed as full sized cutouts at the end of Mr. What's his names food store aisles for week or so.
"Have you got what it takes to be the next winner of Recipe To Riches? All you need to be able to do is come up with a product that we can make millions on. Then you must be able to make a hundred of your product whether you have the slightest clue how to 'batch up' and then if you can do that you'll need to put your 'event planner' hat on for say five hundred guests.
Thank goodness for my 'delete' key.
End of rant.

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  1. strangely i know two of the competitors this year.

    i bought the 'butter chicken lasagna' out of curiosity and it was absolutely vile. my favorite competitors was the asian girl who demanded freshly squeezed onion juice. but ya, it's a shit show, terrible cancon

    by the way, the competitors win $25 000 and then the chance to compete for 250k

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    1. re: catroast

      Yeah I know about the 25K then the 250K

      1. re: catroast

        Those triple "S" meatballs were absolutely awful. I can't believe that she won $25,000 for THAT!
        I can't imagine the test taste went as well as they showed on TV. The reviews of the product on their website are really negative.

        I did try the dip, which was good and addicting- I'd buy that again.

        The dessert squares were ok.

        The show is like a train wreck to me- just can't not look.

        1. re: salsailsa

          I agree- this has to be one of the worst shows ever. What I truly don't understand is why they pick some of the finalists in the first place. There was the episode with the Sucre a la creme lady from Quebec- if you KNOW that it's nearly impossible to make in large batches (as is required by the PC brand)- and there is a dearth of this product in stores because of the inherent problems- why pick her as a finalist if this is one of the things you're going to reject her for in the end? Same thing with the sweet guy with hot sauce. If you know from the outset that the market is saturated with hot sauce - why the hell make him a finalist and then consider the problem of making his sauce stand out over others too big to let him win. I don't get it.

          1. re: maisonbistro

            Exactly. The show is a joke.......on us poor saps who waisted time watching it. The only person who benefit is the PC president...again. So the 'winner' receives 250K. So what? The presidents co. pockets multimillions. Believe those guys don't take a leak unless there's a buck in it for them.

      2. I'm also filled with loathing for this hideous waste of time. And I'm deeply saddened that Laura Calder is a part of it, I've lost a lot of my former respect for her. It really an hour-long commercial for the thuggish Galen Weston. Gah.

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        1. re: SherBel

          Yeah and the other (cough) judges. I know it's not possible to turn back time but it's too bad so many small independent businesses have been/will continue to be swallowed up by the 'Big Box' stores. I get the point of the employment they create but for many who work in those stores it's not very stimulating or challenging. Whereas in a small business many long term employees feel a vested interest in what thy consider is more than just a job. I'm generalizing I know.
          End of todays sermon. Let us pray.

        2. I cannot believe that they didn't call the woman out on her "Montreal Deli Dip". There is nothing Montreal about a corned beef dip with mayo and cream cheese. Read the ingredients. It looks vile.