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Dec 2, 2012 06:41 AM

chocolate orange cake

I'm thinking maybe flourless, or close to. I see Nigella uses the whole orange (peel and all), but there aren't many reviews. Has anyone here tried it? I'm also considering something like the Craig Claiborne flourless cake from Maida Heatter's chocolate cookbook. It seems like I've made just about everything else in that book and can't figure out why I've missed that one. Her description is quite enticing.

Any others I should consider? I like the idea of some candied oranges for decoration, maybe some rind in the icing and/or orange oil in the cake. Just not sure about chopping the whole orange up in it.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I havn't made such a cake, but suggest clementines if you will be using the whole fruit. The peels don't have as much bitter pith as oranges. I have often used whole clementines. The slices look pretty too.

    1. Use chopped candied orange rinds. You can also use the remaining syrup to brush over the cake, thickened if needed.

      1. i have made nigella's clementine cake and it has been well-received. be sure to remove the seeds though, otherwise the cake will be bitter.